Casa Grande CBP Agents Arrest Sex Offender

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

TUCSON, Ariz. – Casa Grande Station Border Patrol agents apprehended 10 male illegal aliens Thursday morning northeast of Lukeville for entering the U.S. illegally and later identified one of the subjects as a previously-deported, registered sex offender.

After a tracking operation resulted in the group’s apprehension in the desert near Papago Farms, west of Tucson, agents transported the subjects to the Casa Grande Station for processing. Agents learned during processing that Elmin Amaya-Lopez, a 34-year-old Honduran national, was a convicted sex offender. He had been deported from the U.S. in 2014 after a sexual assault conviction in Stamford, Connecticut.

Amaya is the second previously deported sex offender arrested by Casa Grande in the last 24 hours. He now faces prosecution for immigration violations, including re-entry as a felon.

The other nine persons arrested will be processed for immigration violations.