Elections Have Consequences, Sometimes We Are Ignored

Election season is upon us once again. New candidates tell us they are going to go to the City Council. School Board, Board of Supervisors, Legislature or what ever office they are seeking and make a change for us. After all, our interests need to be protected they tell us. Those seeking reelection assure us what a great job they did in representing our interest.

They ask us to sign their petition so that they can get their name on the ballot.

they ask us to give them a donation so they can get funds from the government to fund their campaign. They ask us to speak with our friends, neighbors and relatives to vote for them so they can do a wonderful job for us.

When was the last time one of your elected officials actually appeared at the meeting of a group to which you belong and ask, “is there any legislation or laws you would like me to introduce and sponsor on your behalf?” When was the last time you requested on of your representatives to sponsor a law, rule ordinance or law that they actually did so? When was the last time one of them appeared at your group and said there is a pending piece of legislation or other ordinance pending, could you give me your opinion on how I should vote on this matter? My guess is never. Certainly none of my representatives has ever ask such a question. I recently heard a state representative state ” we elect people to chair the committees that we trust and THEY tell us how to vote”.

Those of you receiving this message, and literally hundreds of others state wide, all signed a petition asking our republican leadership as well as our legislature under HB2012 to limit the use of proxies to no more than two. We have been ignored by our party leadership. We did manage to get a Bill introduced and were able to barely get it through the first legislative committee hearing. T.J. Shope as Chair of the Rules Committee, J. D. Mesnard as Speaker and Governor Ducey one or all took it upon themselves individually or collectively to kill the legislation. Just what gave these individuals the authority to ignore the wishes of hundreds of their constituents? Just whose interest were they representing? Just which of you representative stood up and vocally supported your interest.

Are you going to vote for someone this year who will stand before you and tell you how important your interests are and how they are going to protect those interests when they have just proven to you that they have no intention to protect your interests.

Your vote  in important, think wisely before you give it away.

Archie Dicksion

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  1. Giving something away and having it stolen should never be confused as the same thing.

    The Oracle

  2. Gee, lying politicians? Who would have ever guessed. The names, McSally, McCain, Flake, Giffords, Douchy, Grijalva, Hicks and many, many more. Voters don’t matter, lies do… Just ask them.

  3. Here is advice I like to give to voters. Remember that when a candidate announces a run for office, they are asking us to hire them (vote for them )to work for us. Don’t forget this, they work for us.And when a candidate or incumbent meets with a group of voters, don’t let them spend all the time talking. We are better served when we insist they get up before us and ask,”what’s on your minds?” and we the people are in charge as we ask about issues,etc.Voters have strayed far from that position, let’s get it back!!

  4. Choose carefully and think real hard about not re-electing the same fools. Try it once….PLEASE!!

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