Rules Chairman Rep T.J. Shope Holding “Proxy Harvesting” HB2012 Why?

Rep. Shope looks befuddled as Speaker Mesnard debates the merits of a bill this week.

By Archie Dicksion

HB 2012 is currently pending in the House Rules Committee. For some reason, the Chairman, T.J. Shope is refusing to bring the bill before the committee for consideration. On Wednesday, I placed a call to his office to ask why he is holding the bill. Patty, his Legislative Assistant did not put my call through to Rep. Shope, and had no explanation of WHY the Bill is being held.   No reason at least that she was willing to share with me. I asked that Rep. Shope give me a call so we could discuss the matter. I have received no call from him at this time.

This morning I again called his office and was advised that neither he or his Legislative Assistant, Patty were in the office today. Seems our legislators and their staff only have a 4 day work week. Perhaps that is why the Bill has not come up for a vote as they do not have time to consider all the pending legislation with only 4 days of work per week. The word on the street is that the office of the Governor has requested the bill be held. Surely the Governor does not favor the unlimited use of proxies in our political party meetings. How could that possibly benefit him? WAIT!!! if he controls the legislature and the AZGOP Chairman – – – no that could not be could it, the Governor or someone in his office working against his own party and interest?

A couple of days ago, our good Chairman in his daily article to the faithful discussed the California billionaire democrat who plans to dump millions in Arizona to help democrats seize control of the state. The good Chairman finished his article with this statement.

“I’m betting on you, the men and women who form the backbone of our party. That’s why it is so essential that we stay motivated and active, every single day, to fight back against Tom Steyer and his paid operatives”

Could it be that Mr. Lines is finally beginning to realize that the life blood of any political party is feet on the ground by an active P.C.? Consider, if we have a 1000 P.C.’s state wide and they spend only 10 hours per year walking their neighborhoods and talking to neighbors, that is 10,000 hours per year of free advertising. How much would it cost the party to get that much coverage on television, radios, newspapers etc. By the same token if you have 1,000 proxies just how much time will they contribute? The purpose of limiting proxies is to force the recruitment of P.C.’s that will be active not just a piece of paper.

Perhaps we should let Rep. Shope 602-926-3012, Rep. Mesnard, 602-926-4481 and The Governor 602-542-4331 in on this information so we can move HB 2012 forward.

Alex Meluskey has invited me to appear on his show tomorrow 6:00 am on 1130am KQNA, 4:00p.m. on 1100am KFNX, and at 9:00p.m. on 960am KKNT. to discuss this matter. Please tune in to hear the conversation.

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  1. The Evil One | March 10, 2018 at 7:46 am |

    Because, Shope is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican.

    Got to keep the Democrat Party in control of the Republican Party.

  2. Just want to thank Alex Meluskey for making last minute preparations to have Archie on his radio show. Archie is a true Patriot, and we owe him BIG TIME for all his hard work to end voting abuse.

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