Deported Rapist Arrested By Nogales Border Patrol

A 30-year-old Mexican man, Anthony Diaz-Garcia, was apprehended by Nogales Border Patrol agents west of Nogales and later identified him as a previously-deported convicted sex offender.

During processing, agents learned that Diaz-Garcia was convicted of rape in the third degree, in Richmond County, New York. Diaz-Garcia was incarcerated for that crime six months before being deported.

Diaz will remain in federal custody to face charges for re-entering the U.S. as an aggravated felon.


  1. Ah yes, only the “best and brightest” right? Thought so. How utterly disgusting that we have to “catch” these predators to protect our society and the liberals want open borders. Wonder why none of the liberals would want this animal as a house guest?

  2. Obviously democrats in opposition to the wall are in love with criminal aliens.
    Obviously democrats in opposition to the wall rapist as long as he illegally votes Democrat.
    Obviously democrats in opposition to the wall hate American sovereignty when endangering its citizens with their one world open border agenda.
    Obviously democrats in opposition to the wall hate women so much as to willingly expose them to repeat offenders like Diaz-Garcia with their calls for the elimination of ICE.
    When well the looney left finally wake up and realize Diaz-Garcia is not the face of immigration? When will they finally realize that Diaz-Garcia became a criminal the moment he illegally stepped foot on U.S. soil, when will realize once he became the poster child of the future of the Democratic party that he later moved on to bigger or better things like aggravated rape in the third degree, in Richmond County, New York. Where is their concern for his victim(s)? Sadly over shadowed by their love affair for criminal aliens.
    So what, Diaz-Garcia was incarcerated for only six months of his sentence before being deported. Yea right, he really learned his lesson which is why he’s back again. Throw his dumb ass in jail for 20yrs like a citizen would get and only then deport him home.
    Yes it’s becoming crystal clear that democrats in opposition to the wall are unwilling to Make America Safe Again.

    The Oracle

  3. Be careful for whom you vote in the Rep. primaries. McSally & are both open borders, love DACA. All of a sudden McSally, McCain Kyl Flakes pick, is spouting build the wall. Just like her mentor McCain did to get re-elected. LIARS – all.

  4. Liberals want to make sure that these predators
    aren’t separated from the children….

    Few of these guys have the resources of W.J.C. to
    take a private jet to Jeffrey Epstein’s
    Orgy Island.*


  5. U guys gotta be the biggest blindest idiots in all society most perveted sob’s. I ever seen are white and black americans. Sure there is a bunch of roaches from mexico too and everywhere but how ignorant you peaple break it down to justify your biggot intentions. I bet each of you have preditors , kissing cousins and all that in your lineage alone. Be wise and wake up from your slumbering mantallity , live up to reality.

    • There’s nothing bigoted about wanting to keep my daughters safe from rapists from this country or mexico, but why import them when we already have our own? You have got to be the most ignorant person I have ever read a post from. Maybe you don’t care about your own family women or don’t have any, but I and many millions do and we care.
      What this guy needs is at minimum 30 yrs and then a one way ticket to the deepest jungle in South America.


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