NYT Anonymous: Sunday’s Comic

By Christopher C. Hull

Personnel is policy. President Trump has just learned this lesson yet again — the hard way.

In a New York Times op-ed, an anonymous senior Trump administration figure has outed him or herself as a Trump opponent.

For those of us watching the White House’s hiring process, this is painfully unsurprising. The administration has been systematically stacked with anti-Trump, globalist, establishment, Left-leaning swamp creatures.

To read more — WHO IS THE NEW YORK TIMES’ ANONYMOUS? — click here


  1. Our role is clear: We must stand together to drive back the darkness with the light of the Gospel so Jesus can be exalted and the transforming power of God can be displayed to this generation as never before. It’s our honor to have a part in bringing in this end-time harvest of souls. But to fulfill our respective roles in this divine plan, we must refuse to slow down or weaken our stance of faith until the whole earth is filled with the knowledge of God’s glory (see Habakkuk 2:14)!

    It is the time in which we live, it won’t be getting better, but worse as the forces of evil push forward – Have no fear, the return of Christ is eminent – Maranatha !

  2. well the guy is a SUPPOSED ‘senior Trump administration figure’. As far as anyone knows he is the illegal JANITOR with access to government paper with letterhead! They will post ANYTHING that they think is detrimental to trump, not bho who was the 2d and 3d coming of who knows what. As was pointed out yesterday what would the uproar have been IF someone had done the same to bho who well deserved it to happen?

    • depends on your political leaning doesn’t it – from my point of view there’s is ‘nothing’ that BHO did that was within my camp of think, his last act to abandon Israel in the UN! I have nothing good to say of that man.. his antisemitic stance was simply against everything in which I believe, he’ll have his own time in which he will answer to a far greater authority for his actions against the Jewish people.

  3. Cory Booker is just like Anonymous. Neither has the balls to speak truth to power but BOTH HAVE THE BALLS TO SPEAK LIES to the whole world!

  4. Maybe Christopher Steele did it. After all, he IS his own “source.” I think it was all some made-up stuff by a NYT staffer to keep the rag relevant.

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