AZ People’s Lobbyist Runs Through Upcoming Legislation

The Arizona People’s Lobbyist has compiled a list of bills to be considered by the Legislature this week. From a bill intended to reduce the practice of double dipping to a measure to fund DACA recipients’ college education, legislators will vote in ways that affect Arizonans’ daily lives.

Among the most disturbing pieces of legislation is SB1014. As an immigrant who learned English only upon arriving on U.S. soil, it is clear that this legislation will double down on what is already a very questionable statute. The key to successful learning and assimilation is maximum immersion and minimum teaching in the learner’s language. SB1014 does just the opposite.

Heather Carter’s bill, SB1518, is yet another property tax increase, on top of all the other tax increases we have been experiencing. This one appears to be to fund the anticipated expenses of subsidizing in-state university tuition rates for DACA’s. Where this taxation fueled death spiral ends, no one knows.




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HB2007 – ASRS; political subdivision plans; adjustments House COW 02/11/2019 KAVANAUGH – Applies sound actuarial measures, helps reduce double dipping Y
HB2185 – STO; income tax credit cap House Education 02/11/2019 UDALL – Applies inflation adjustment to the STO cap 2:00 PM HHR-1 Y
HB2187 – appropriation; K-12 rollover House Third Reading 02/11/2019 UDALL – Adjusts the amounts of rollovers to what appears to be a more workable schedule HOUSE FLOOR ?
SB1014 – English language learners; instruction; budgeting House Third Reading 02/11/2019 BOYER – Same as HB2184. Expensive. Favors bilingual teaching. Discourages immersion. It appears that those who favor this bill have never experienced foreign language learning in a foreign country HOUSE FLOOR N
SB1231 – public safety; residency requirements; prohibition Senate Government 02/11/2019 BOYER – Prohibits residency requirements for employment in public safety 2:05 PM SHR-3 ?
SB1285 – construction contracts; public works; payments Senate Government 02/11/2019 BORRELLI – Bill of rights for contractors 2:05 PM SHR-3 ?
SB1518 – appropriations; universities; resident tuition Senate Higher Education and Workforce Development 02/11/2019 CARTER – Yet another property tax increase. Where will it end? This one appears to be to fund the anticipated expenses of subsidizing in-state rates for DACA’s 2:05 PM SHR-1 N
SB1001 – highway safety fee; repeal; VLT Senate Third Reading 02/11/2019 UGENTI-RITA – (Same as HB2019) – Repeals the sneaky backdoor tax increase enacted in 2018 SENATE FLOOR Y
SB1054 – early ballots; deficiencies; cure period Senate Third Reading 02/11/2019 UGENTI-RITA – Establishes procedures for handling early ballots that have errors. SENATE FLOOR Y
HB2026 – public resources; influencing elections; penalties House Elections 02/12/2019 KAVANAUGH – Prohibits the use of public resources to influence outcome of elections 2:00 PM HHR-4 Y
HB2039 – federal form voter registrations; reporting House Elections 02/12/2019 TOWNSEND – Disclose the number of voters eligible for and using the federal registration form 2:00 PM HHR-4 Y
SB1191 – students; community college grants Senate Appropriations 02/12/2019 BOWIE – Throws another $50 million at education. Is the benefit worth the extra money? 2:00 SHR-109 ?
SB1457 – schools; improvements; turnaround plans Senate Education 02/12/2019 ALLEN S – Appears to be a good plan to improve failing schools 2:00 PM SHR-1 Y
HCR2022 – Article V convention; term limits House Federal Relations 02/13/2019 TOWNSEND – Awful idea. Does any one with an intelligence higher than a chimpanzee’s think that term limits are working as intended in AZ? 2:00 PM HHR-4 N
HB2536 – fuel; electric cars; hybrids; taxes House Ways & Means 02/13/2019 CAMPBELL – Huge fuel tax increase 9:00 AM HHR-1 N
SB1166 – conformity; internal revenue code; exceptions Senate Finance 02/13/2019 MESNARD – Appears to be a second attempt to conform AZ to US without incurring additional state income taxes 2:00 PM SHR-1 Y
HB2026 – public resources; influencing elections; penalties House Government 02/14/2019 KAVANAUGH – Prohibits the use of public resources to influence outcome of elections 9:00 AM HHR-1 Y
SB1234 – lieutenant governor; duties; ballot Senate Judiciary 02/14/2019 MESNARD – It makes sense that the governor and its potential successur be of the same political leaning. 9:00 AM SHR-109 Y
SB1451 – statewide ballot measures; circulators; procedures Senate Judiciary 02/14/2019 LEACH – An attempt to reduce some of the unethical practices used by some signature gatherers 9:00 AM SHR-109 Y

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(4) Indicates our recommendation. Y = favor, N = oppose. ? = no consensus or not enough information.

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  1. Thank you for this information.
    Once again, though, looking at the, sorry, garbage being perpetrated by people who are supposed to represent us, not rule us, I am reminded — as I am so frequently — of that classic line in that classic movie, “The Magnificent Seven.”
    This is how politicians seem to think of us:
    Asked why every year he comes down from the hills to raid the poor villagers, bandit leader Calvera replies, “If God had not wanted them sheared, He would not have made them sheep.”

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