Congressional term limits resolution advances with bipartisan support in Arizona House

PHOENIX — While Arizona Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on much, reforming Congress does seem to be one place where there is bipartisan consensus.

House Concurrent Resolution 2022, which calls on the U.S. Congress to amend the Constitution and limit Congressional terms, passed the State House Federal Relations Committee earlier today by a vote of 7-0, with all three Democrats voting with the four Republicans on the committee.

The resolution, and its sister resolution in the Senate, have attracted nearly 30 co-sponsors which include a number of Democrats in both the House and the Senate.

Encouraging more open-seat elections is not considered a cure-all for what ails Congress, but it is hoped that ending the practice of Congress being a career will refocus members of Congress on doing their job and then going home, as opposed to just staying for as long as possible.

According to today’s testimony, term limits resolutions have passed as stand-alone measures or as part of larger calls in approximately 20 states nationwide.

A full State House vote is anticipated in the next week or so while the StateSenate resolution is currently assigned to the Senate Government Committee and has not yet been scheduled for a hearing by Sen. David Farnsworth, the committee’s chairman.

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  1. It is a Convention of the States to propose amendments. It is the other way in Article V of the Constitution to propose amendments. Not a Constitutional Convention. Even after the rules are adopted, the amendments approved, ratification by 3/4 of the states is still required. It is a high hurdle to achieve. Currently only 13 states have joined together to request an assembly, largely due to the misinformation about what can and cannot be done. Once ratified however it will become part of the Constitution.
    There is a terms limits section in the Arizona constitution, unfortunately the Supreme Court, citing the 17th Amendment, found against the state of Arizona and other states that tried to limit congressional (House and Senate) terms.

  2. Professional politicians is a phrase that was never supposed to be muttered. Look at what PDJT has accomplished while fighting democrats, republicans, media, global companies & billionaires. Working people think differently than entitled elite politicians The Clintons, Bushes & McCains come to mind.

  3. I think convention of the states would be safer. They put up the rules before they get started. The elected idiots don’t have a clue.

  4. Not sure how the constitutional conventions work, but this could be a scarey thing if it happens. Dont know if it is an open type of meeting where anything and everything goes or if it would be restricted to preconvention questions. The dems want one of these so they can get their agenda going, NO ELECTORAL college, NO 2D AMENDMENT RIGHTS, restrictions on 1st AMENDMENT rights regarding FREE SPEECH!

    So you need to be careful on what we wish for with one of these things. Now if they want to discuss restriction on the citizenship issue thru birth by foreigners (not to allow) then maybe?

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