House Compiles, Releases Damaging Stringer Documents

Arizona State Rep. David Stringer (R-Prescott) with fellow criminal justice reform advocate Rep. Kirsten Engel (D-Tucson).

On Friday, attorneys for the Arizona House Ethics Committee released documents they had gathered in the case they were making against Rep. David Stringer, who resigned on Thursday. ADI has covered this story since first reporting on Stringer’s version of events (LINK), but these documents contain an additional accusation made against him that he had not previously mentioned. Given how scandalous it is, readers can easily figure out why he wasn’t publicizing it, but we are publishing the documents released today as part of our complete coverage.

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To cover the story fairly, we note that while these are very disturbing accusations and charges, Stringer maintains he was innocent of them, he was never actually tried for any of these charges, he was therefore also never convicted of these charges, and the whole matter was pled down to just two 4th degree petty offenses. In this country you are innocent until proven guilty and in this case the prosecution never even tried to prove Stringer guilty.

Stringer was also subsequently admitted to three Bar Associations and there is no indication that any such accusations were ever made against him in the 35 years since.

We caution that these documents contain accusations that are disturbing and difficult to read.

As always, if we learn more or hear directly from Stringer we will cover it in a future story.

[Stringer Correspondence and Documents click on image to view]

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