Mad Pete For Prez? Sunday’s Comic

By Virginia Kruta

President Donald Trump tested out a new nickname for 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in a Politico interview published Friday.

“Alfred E. Neuman cannot become President of the United States,” Trump said of the South Bend, Indiana mayor, who is currently polling third, behind former Vice President Joe Biden and independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders….



  1. With all of his faults pointed out by the non stop angry hate fueled talking heads media, Trump is still highly re-electable, especially if the Dems can’t muster an electable candidate of thier own.
    It’s kinda like going to a party where an ice chest of Sammy Adams sits full and untouched, while the host is down at circle K buying more Bud Light, it’s all about drinkability. Everyone claims to like Sammy Adams but yet we always seem to be out of Bud Light. Who doesn’t love Pete Buttigieg? But no one’s voting for him.
    Until some emotional and mental normality returns to the Democratic party, they face an uphill battle bring elected to any office of responsibly beyond dog catcher, and fellow Democrat Jeff Flakes already got that job.

    The Oracle

  2. Just one more far left liberal clown in the clown car…. You can write him, off tomorrow.

  3. so what’s the scam with running for president? There must be some legislative financial advantage to ‘be a presidential hopeful’ maybe we should all announce…

    • All sorts of benefits to running: unspent campaign donations can be held for future political use; raising one’s national profile (nobody heard of Mayor Pete before he announced), possibly getting an appointment in the next administration.

      …and there’s always the chance — no matter how slim — of actually winning.

  4. The question that would be easier to answer is who’s not running for President in the democrat party?

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