Even Litter Pick-Up Is Political In Pima County

road sign pima county
A new Adopt-a Roadway sign on Kolb just north of Sunrise [Photo by Craig J. Cantoni]

Political messages are not permitted under the Adopt-a-Roadway program. If this sign isn’t political, then I’ll eat the litter that my wife and I pick up a few times a week along this stretch of road. That’s 156 times more often than the twice a year litter removal required under the program, which is a woefully inadequate requirement, given the amount of litter on this road and most roads in the county.

My understanding is that the sign was requested by a teacher union official who doesn’t live in the area, and that lower-level county employees denied the request as political but were overruled by higher-ups.

My wife and I haven’t wanted our names on a sign, although we keep a three-mile stretch of Kolb/Craycroft north of Sunrise clean. But now that political messages are allowed, maybe we’ll reconsider. Another sign is available farther up the road from the sign in question and would be perfect for the following message:

Teacher Union:
Bad for Kids and Teachers.

Craig J. Cantoni

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