Who Is Racist? Who Is Anti-Semitic? Who Is Criminal?

joe biden
Vice-President Joe Biden joining President Obama in a hearty laugh. [Photo from YouTube]

The Democratic Party ‘s predilection for calling anyone names, such as a racist, who disagrees with Democrats, is not only laughable but also hypocritical. Racism was born in the Democratic Party:

  • First, it was Southern Democrats who fought fiercely to keep and promote slavery.
  • Democrats started the Civil War . . . remember Fort Sumter?
  • Democrats created Jim Crow laws that enforced racial segregation between 1877 and the 1950s.
  • Democrats created the militant arm of their political party, the Ku Klux Klan, in 1865.
  • Democrats fought against every major civil rights act in American history.
  • Today, Democratic administrations keep Black citizens captive on inner city rat infested plantations, dependent on government.

Yet, Democrats at every turn accuse President Trump of using racist language, sowing division, and exploiting race.  It is the Democrats who are divisive and racist in language.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg declared that white candidates need to be conscious of “white privilege,” whatever that may be. Since when did it become a crime to be born white . . . or black or brown?

Senator Cory Booker claimed that “white supremacy manifests itself” in the criminal justice, immigration and health care systems, yet he offers no objective evidence.  Thank God he’s not really competitive as a candidate.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand professed that your son’s “whiteness is what protects him from not being shot by the police.” What an utterly inane statement from a presumably adult senator. Stupidity knows no color boundaries, whether white, black, brown, or red.

A 2016 CNN/ORC poll found that Americans say relations between blacks and whites worsened under President Barack Obama. The prime drivers of worsening race relations were Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, both of whom criminalized the Justice Department.

Democrats are exploiting worsened race relations by attempting to shift the blame onto President Trump but the American people know better: Obama’s legacy is a more divided America.

President Trump is actually improving race relations as his record of black enablement, as seen in rising employment, home ownership, and small business formation, reflected in rising black support in the polls, and the Democrats are panicking.

Just as bad is the new Democratic push for anti-Semitism. Seventeen members of the House are anti-Semitic: Rashida Tlaib (MI), Ilhan Omar (MN), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes (NY),  Ayanna Pressley (MA), Pramila Jayapal (WA), Mark Pocan (WI), Thomas Massie (KY),  Earl Blumenauer (OR), Andre Carson (IN), Debbie Dingell (MI), Jesus Garcia (IL),  Raul Grijalva (AZ), Barbara Lee (CA),  Betty McCollum (MN), Chellie Pingree (ME),  Bobby Rush (IL), and Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ).  Each of these Representatives voted against the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” (BDS) the resolution condemning the BDS campaign. Thankfully, the resolution passed 398-17.

Besides worsening race relations and anti-Semitism of the Obama administration, the Democratic Party has endorsed organized crime. First, with the Ku Klux Klan a mere shadow of its former self, the Democratic Party has adopted a new militant arm to replace the Ku Klux Klan: Antifa, the so-called anti-fascist, anti-American, terrorist organization. The Democrat silence about Antifa is concerning. Former Representative and Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison, endorsed Antifa.

Second, the Obama-Biden administration illegally spied on the Trump campaign.

Third, the Obama-Biden administration willingly violated the Constitution by authorizing the assassinations of American citizens overseas.

Fourth, Joe Biden, the presidential candidate has been compromised by Communist China.

In 2013, Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, flew on Air Force Two to China. Ten days after the trip, Bohai Capital, a subsidiary of the Bank of China, signed a deal with Hunter Biden’s firm to form a $1.5 billion joint investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST. Hunter Biden had little investment or hedge fund experience. He has no knowledge of China. What did the Biden family give up?  Why was Air Force Two involved with a private banking deal? Is this why Joe Biden doesn’t consider China a competitor?

Fifth, Joe Biden was Obama’s point man in Ukraine. Hunter Biden was some how picked to be a board member of an energy company at $50,000 a month. The country’s top prosecutor was investigating corruption at the company, including Hunter Biden. Joe Biden threatened to cancel a billion dollar in loan guarantees if the prosecutor was not fired. The prosecutor was fired, the corruption investigation went away, and Hunter Biden was immensely helped by his father. What was the Biden family hiding? Has the Ukraine bought off Joe Biden through his son? And why does Biden deny the whole affair when he has been captured on film bragging about it?

Sixth, in 2010, the Obama-Biden Democratic Party was sued by the Communist Party USA for stealing its platform, changing Communist Party to Democratic Party.

Seventh, The ATF Fast & Furious campaign, which resulted in the death of Agent Brian Terry and Attorney General Eric Holder was cited for contempt for withholding documents from Congress.

Eighth, in 2008 and 2012, the Obama-Biden administration disabled the credit card verification system for its Web sites donations, allowing foreigners to donate without proof of identity and in any amount.

Under the Obama-Biden administration, the Democratic Party became the largest organized criminal cartel in the country as well as the largest hate group.


  1. maybe lastly will make a sunday drawing of this article and he will label it as right wing/trump hate speach I am sure. Then in his alter ego he will sign in and say its all truth and a wonderful drawing.

    People have know these things for years but the msm willingly the propaganda arm of the democraps will not allow it to be seen by the people as it may cause them to stop and think (if possible?).

  2. Finally a lil bit of truth
    But I think its much deeper
    The rage and pure hate on the
    Demoncratic side today is not based so much on the Past
    Theres a breed of pure Evil
    Out there Mr Hernadez
    Do what you preach with a kind heart

  3. My sense of this issue is absolutely not the same.

    First i assure you if your victim you will never agree with this opinion. How many victims is it okay to have? I suggest that if this is the land of the free EACH and EVERY time is unacceptable.

    Lets us as a group of fellow Human beings work toward peace, love , tolerance, inclusive, fair ,just community & country.

    Lets us stive to be the leaders of the world that we claim to be. Maybe you have heard this ” with liberty and justice for all”.

    • “Lets us as a group of fellow Human beings work toward peace, love , tolerance, inclusive, fair ,just community & country.

      Lets us stive to be the leaders of the world that we claim to be. Maybe you have heard this ” with liberty and justice for all”.

      Never going to happen. People to selfish and love power and greed. People easily offended. Good luck with the “happy thoughts”

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