Sierra Vista bicyclist dies in collision with car

A 23-year-old Sierra Vista woman was cited for failing to wear corrective lenses in connection with the death of 53-year-old Laura Ann Snyder.

Ms. Snyder died Monday night after being struck by a car driven by Kimberly MacLangan, at the intersection of S. Highway 92 and Kachina Trail while she was riding a bicycle.

According to the Sierra Vista Police Department, officers responded at about 6:42 p.m. to a call came into dispatch for an injury collision involving a bicyclist. Witnesses advised officers that a gray Honda four-door sedan was traveling north on Highway 92 with a green light active for northbound and southbound traffic at the intersection when the collision occurred.

Witnesses stated that as the vehicle proceeded through the intersection, Ms. Snyder crossed into the crosswalk against the light and was struck by the Honda. Ms. Snyder was transported to Canyon Vista Medical Center where she died from her injuries.

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  1. I don’t want to be harsh, but why is the driver being cited when the bicyclist is the one that ignored the traffic rules and put herself in front of the car. We all know that this kind of behavior is typical of the spandex bicycle crowd. Citing the driver helps to leave her open to civil action even though she did nothing wrong.

    • I wondered the same thing. Perhaps it is because she was related to a politician? Or maybe they now want to outlaw cars? In any case it seems ignorance is rewarded, even in death.

      • I don’t know why the police cited the driver. At that time of the evening, she would not have likely been able to see Laura soon enough to stop and avoid hitting her even if she had been wearing her corrective lenses. That being said, if the driver is in the habit of NOT wearing her corrective lenses, then she is at risk of being in other accidents. It was the bicyclist’s fault THIS time. It might not be the case next time. So it might just be that the police were reminding this driver that she has a responsibility to wear her corrective lenses for not only her safety, but the safety of others. Suppose the next accident is when the driver is making an unprotected left on a green light. Someone is in the crosswalk with the crosswalk sign active and the driver doesn’t see them in time because she’s not wearing her lenses. Not the driver’s fault this time, but it could be next time if she keeps driving without her lenses.
        By the way….I knew Laura. I don’t know why she crossed the street against the traffic light, but she wasn’t ignorant and the “spandex bicycle crowd” comment certainly didn’t apply to her.

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