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Leaked Video Shows Elizabeth Warren Vacillating On Medicare For All
By David Krayden

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has made Medicare for All an important part of her presidential campaign, but privately she might be somewhat less certain.

Although the Democratic presidential candidate has been an enthusiastic proponent of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ universal health care program, in a leaked video Warren allows for some wiggle room when talking to labor bosses from the International Longshore And Warehouse Union in an Aug. 23, 2019 video…

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  1. “labor bosses?” I was an organizer, legislative representative, elected business agent and president of the ILWU’s largest main;land local union, Warehouse, Processing and Allied Workers Union Local 6, for a total of 21 years. There were no “bosses” except the rank and file membership. from which I came, and to which I returned when the membership unelected me. All expenditures go through an elected rank and file Board of Trustees to an elected rank and file Executive Board. Officers are paid the highest negotiated rate that the membership got, with the same pension and medical benefits. We were paid for 50 hours a week, not at the overtime rate, and worked far more than that. In case of a strike we went off the payroll. “Bosses?” I think not. A previous local president was fond of saying, with a smile, “Democracy is gruesome” when the rank and file voted the officers down.

    The fact is that Warren listened to our concerns and modified her position. That is so refreshing — no daily lies or vicious tweets or party-line BS, but detailed plans open to revision as the facts dictate. Including a realistic transition to health care for all, starting with kids and poor people without insurance. That’s why I am supporting her.

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