Lasley Will Be Back

Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.


  1. shut this guy down now…start all over..we have a cheater in the house….first he cheats his way through life……..then as Mr. gulf guy……then relationships….then taxes…then bone spurs……….then as the WONDERFUL split apart people president ..then the dude turns into a rude bully name caller for the world to witness ………any one could WIN at anything if you cheat without getting caught….stupid……….trump has not earned enough respect from america …instead trump broke the law and pissed a lot of people off doing it………………HE WAS FINKED ON…………he has been a very naughty boy..even while Putin loves his buddy trump..he to laughs at trumps idiot ways along with other world leaders

    • Seeing as how the topic of the “drawing” is Las-low, I’m all for shutting him down. See where ranting, bad grammar and no punctuation can get you smart guy?

  2. let me tell you something a coyote isn’t smart enough to understand….trump himself has hung a {i’ll be back] sign on the white house front door……Mr. president is always preoccupied covering his own political dumb mistakes ……..the difference….Lasley CAN RETURN ANYTIME HE CHOOSES…he is well respected at the A D I….trump wont be coming back at all….in fact now that trump has damaged america the way he has. it’s now the time to make blue M A G A hats…yeeeeaaahhh

    • Well once again you show your ignorance, the coyote is one smart animal and LIVES in every state and LARGE CITIES of this country. Yes lastly can eturn and again be ridiculed as an idiot that he is. He would have more credence with his drawings if he took on ALL sides instead of just the 1. Where is he on peelousey? Where again is he on how the democraps have done NOTHING for the past 3 years except to try to overturn the will of the PEOPLE who ELECTED Mr TRUMP and REJECTED HITLERY the sellout to the russians when she was selling shares of the gov’t in a pay to play scheme known as the KLINTON FOUNDATION? No he can come back and except for the paid trolls will not have the support of the PEOPLE and only idiots like you will try to make the Georbel theory of telling big enough LIES LONG ENOUGH that maybe people MIGHT actually believe them. Mr trump with allhis warts has done more in 3 years than the dems have in the last 40! He followed thru on his promises and the democraps have done WHAT? The left just cant handle him and thus they want him out. He cannot be bought and that pisses them off as they can be had so cheap. Why just look at barry, he called them idiots and for a guy who had nothing just bought a multimillion dollar place where all the white guys hang out! Really tells ya something does it not?

    • Well just goes to show you… that doesn’t look like an exterior door knob at the White House.. so once again… Laz-low can’t draw. Sorry you’re blue… cheer up muffin.

  3. seems are so called fellow republicans have found there path of understanding there so called enemy’s…….. for example…..opinion’s expression from an american artist after living 90 years living in this country ,an artist that served in the u s army with no made up medical excuses…………….a good man that happens to be democrat is now the enemy of all trump lovers……………there are real enemy’s out there that hate the united states … trump has turned us all against each other……..only blind foolish idiot’s can’t understand this……but wait..Putins got the the last LAUGH as he giggles along with all his new followers… trumps cult gang

    • Learn punctuation… your “appeal” makes little sense. And you’re right about “blind foolish idiot’s” (sic) so “physician, go heal yourself.” By the way, I’m not in a “cult gang.” If Las-low is 90 years old, he ought to know better. So should you.

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