Where Are Your Ideas From The Future?

Happy New Year AZ Lefties

OK, it’s 2020, where are all the disasters you guys predicted over the last 50 years? (hey, I’m an old fart, I can remember this stuff).  Shall we catalog them all?

By the way, when Kurt Andersen does an update of his 2017 outrageous bestseller, FantasyLand: How America Went Haywire, you’re getting your very own chapter! …no kidding.

If there’s one “stickable” criticism I can honestly offer for Arizona’s Left…. whose marvelous talents run to having created ‘Sanctuary-Tucson’ (another story entirely), it’s this:

All your high-falutin’ ideological baggage is really looking shop-worn.  Honestly, you got major subsurface (my grad degree is Architecture) erosion, geological displacement, water entrainment with an acid component, and a kind of highly destructive organism that feeds on all this stuff, while its excrement was inspiration for a David Lynch movie. Termites. 

These termites are ancient….they have whole liberal taxonomies like Isoptera KarlusMarxus, Isoptera SaulusAlinskius, and the dreaded Spanish dwarf termite, Isoptera Roberto-Reichus, to name a few.

As Mel Brooks might say in show biz, “you need some new material.”

My second question is very simple, “have you ever thought of it this way?”

As your normal ‘material’ looks backward, into the past.  And granted, it’s a pretty scary past in parts, bad people did bad things, but bad ideas killed ‘em all.  Seriously bad ideas of all pedigrees.

One of my favorite conservative economists, Bryan Caplan, has this simple little guide to good ideas and clear thinking for groups:  “good ideas cause good policies, good policies cause good growth, (and the less apparent), good growth causes good ideas.”

Don’t you think it’s time for more forward-thinking, constructive creativity from the Left vs. defensive paranoia trolling?

Trying to control people via more government is always a loser, especially as the world gets more technological, the human factor has quite enough on its plate.  Failure mode happens more quickly, unexpectedly. The cure for that is embedded in the genius of the American Founding Fathers (sorry, but they were men, afterall), and yes, they were working with the tools, limitations, & society they had at the time.

#2. Judging backwards from the future is L-A-Z-Y thinking (didn’t your parents teach you this?)

That’s why all your ludicrous theories of government, especially those asking for various modern day $$$ reparations is simply nuts.   And since most of your tribe has the barest understanding of economics, “just print it” is not the right test answer, even from Libtard-U.  (your puppet-masters on Wall Street would disagree)

Quantum mechanics has this fascinating supposition, goes like this, “our mathematics show we should be able to remember the future, just like we do the past, but somehow the grey matter hasn’t caught up.”

Same as then, we’re still working with the tools, limitations, & society we have now.  Chill out and look ahead, not backward.  Happy New Year; we’re all still here.

Sellers is a South Park Republican who lives in Oro Valley.  His background is federal tech-transfer commercialization.  Contact him at readbill19@usa.net 

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Bill Sellers is a resident of southern Arizona. He is active in local politics.