Phoenix Police Officer ‘Caught on Camera’ Gets “Shout Out” For #Kindness

Phoenix Police Officer Joe Mayfield helps elderly man to his car. [Photo courtesy Phoenix Police Department]

PHOENIX – The Phoenix Police Department on Monday shared a touching photo taken by a Phoenix resident of Officer Joe Mayfield walking hand-in-hand with an elderly man through a shopping mall parking lot. The unidentified female photographer had posted the picture on social media as a ‘shout out’ to Officer Mayfield.

From Phoenix Police:

The man was waiting in the parking lot for his wife who was inside the mall when he needed to use the restroom. Officer Mayfield saw the man struggling to walk and assisted him into the mall, and then back out to his vehicle. That’s when the community member captured this picture of Mayfield from across the parking lot. You see Officer Mayfield holding the man’s hand while walking him to his car.

The man moved to the Valley in recent years after a successful career working in New York City.

Officer Mayfield did not know his picture had been taken and posted to Instagram.

It turns out that shortly after this photo was taken, the same officer came upon another older couple trying to change a flat tire and stepped into help.

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