Move On Meghan McCain: The Democratic Party Could Use A Pro-Life Loudmouth

Ugly Twitter War Exposes Even Uglier Truth

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain’s sneer is familiar to many due to the fact that she is “a national conservative co-host of the most watched American daytime talk show.”

On Saturday, the Arizona Republican Party came under attack by the always temperamental Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Sen. John McCain, for daring to mention his name.

Arizonans know they run a risk of coming under attack by Meghan, who has earned a reputation for being as testy as her father, should they dare mention his name in anything but the most glowing terms. Her hatred for Trump has made her attacks more venomous and expected.


However, few in the Party believed the tweet to which she was referring was inflammatory or even inaccurate.

Prior to his death, Sen. McCain had earned the scorn of a majority of the GOP faithful thanks to his long and well-documented record of targeting his fellow Republicans with a viciousness and intensity he would never use on Democrats, as well as his willingness to say anything to win re-election, even though he knew he was lying. From “build the dang fence” to “Repeal Obamacare,” McCain was legendary for making promises to the voters of Arizona that he had no intention of keeping. His behavior led to numerous Republican Party censures, but rather than respect his party’s wishes or acknowledge the scam he was running on voters, McCain raised money from CA liberal Democrats and used it to target conservative Precinct Committeemen in the AZ GOP.

Even near the end of his life, McCain’s selfishness and pettiness was on display, as he hung onto a Senate seat that he and his family both knew he would never return to. In the process he denied the Republican Party a much needed 51st vote for important legislation and he denied the people of Arizona a voice in the U.S. Senate. All the while, McCain’s own family, Meghan McCain included, carried on a public charade, and spoke of how much his condition was improving and how he was looking forward to returning to Washington D.C. to “serve” the people of Arizona.

The AZGOP tweet seems accurate when you consider how McCain acolyte Martha McSally failed to win either the 2018 or 2020 Senate races, or how McCain-lite politicians like Heather Carter lost competitive primaries in spite of large financial advantages.

Add to all of this history the recent effort by Cindy McCain to deliver Arizona to pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-socialism liberal Democrat Joe Biden, and it is entirely reasonable to expect that the McCain brand in Arizona is largely done within Republican Party politics.

“No Republican runs as a John McCain Republican anymore and they haven’t for quite some time.” said one GOP insider. “I hope he’s resting in peace, but he destroyed his own brand while he was alive, and his family has been smashing whatever bits remained into dust ever since.”

“Meghan’s little Twitter tirades every time her dad’s name is brought up is old,” said one GOP insider. “Obviously, she loves her own dad and obviously she wouldn’t be on TV or have her career if he wasn’t Senator John McCain, but the general public is done with the faux outrage she shows every time we want to talk about restoring some level of conservatism to the party – you know -one that doesn’t involve amnesty, supporting Obamacare, etc.”

Bottom line: Meghan should move on like her mother. The Democratic Party could use a pro-life loudmouth. It would serve us all well.