Border Patrol Agents, US Citizen Rescue Illegal Alien Dad And Toddler From Rapid Current

Yuma Air and Marine Operations partnered with Border Patrol agents and local citizens to rescue a father and his child from a canal. [Photo courtesy CBP]

A two-year-old boy and his father who were struggling in a rapid current of the Salinity Canal on Monday evening were rescued by Border Patrol agents and a concerned U.S. Citizen

The 23-year-old father, who had entered the country illegally, was entering the canal with his son strapped to his back and was quickly swept away by the rapid current, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). National Guardsmen detailed to the Yuma Sector Border Patrol Operations Center observed the incident on the video surveillance system and alerted agents in the area.

An air interdiction agent who was piloting a helicopter in the area at the time, saw the man and child in the canal and landed his helicopter along the canal bank to provide aid. The pilot repeatedly threw rescue lines to the father, who was unable to catch it due to the fast-moving current.

Border Patrol agents and concerned citizens who were in the area responded to the scene and attempted to throw rescue lines to the father with no success, according to CBP. A Yuma station agent removed his uniform, entered the water, and rescued the child with the help of other agents and citizens. After pulling the agent and child to the side of the canal, they were able to safely remove them from the water.

Agents and the concerned citizens were also able to pull the father from the water.

Fire department personnel from the San Luis, Arizona, and San Luis Rio Colorado fire departments responded to the scene. The father and son were transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center where the child was treated for hypothermia.

They were later released to Yuma Border Patrol agents for further processing.

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