Arizona Senate Approves Bill To Require ID With Mailed Ballot

Arizona capitol

PHOENIX – On Monday, the Arizona Senate approved a bill, SB 1713, which will require voters to include identification paperwork with their mailed-in ballots. The bill passed along party lines as Democrats continue to reject every election reform bill offered this legislative session.

SB 1713 Provisions:

1. Requires an early ballot affidavit to be designed to fit inside the return envelope.

2. Requires an early voter to deposit the early ballot affidavit in the early ballot envelope.

3. Requires the early ballot affidavit to be completed by the voter and contain the voter’s date of birth and either:
a) the number from the voter’s Arizona driver license, Arizona nonoperating identification license, tribal enrollment card or other tribal identification or a copy of a U.S. federal, state or local government issued identification; or
b) the voter’s voter registration number and an item that contains the name and address of the voter that reasonably appears to be the same as the voter’s voter registration address.

4. Outlines permissible items containing the voter’s name and address, including:
a) a copy of a utility bill;
b) a bank or credit union statement that is dated within 90 days of the date of the election;
c) a valid Arizona vehicle registration;
d) an Arizona vehicle insurance card;
e) an Indian census card;
f) a tribal enrollment card or other form of tribal identification;
g) a property tax statement;
h) a recorders certificate;
i) a voter registration card; or
j) any other mailing that is labeled as “official election material”.

5. Allows a special district that is not primarily supported by taxes to provide an early ballot affidavit that:
a) is not designed to fit inside the return envelope; and
b) does not include the voter’s date of birth and identification information.

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