Access To Affordable Healthcare Should Be A Concern For Every Arizonan


Access to affordable healthcare, child care, paid family leave and other critical issues should be a concern for every Arizonian and American alike. It’s especially a concern for small business owners like me who are mothers and are worried about providing for their families and keeping them safe. Our recovery still hangs in the balance, but some of these challenges can be addressed now by Congress passing the Build Back Better plan to invest in healthcare, child care, paid family leave and other critical issues for middle class Americans and small businesses.

These investments would come at a critical time. Small businesses are struggling to keep their doors open and their employees safe and it’s no surprise that 19 months since the initial COVID-19 outbreak, the small business community is still nowhere near back to pre-pandemic levels. We need lawmakers to pass critical measures such as the Build Back Better proposal to build a more resilient economy for all. What’s more, leaders in Congress should work toward leveling the playing field for small businesses by closing the corporate tax loopholes that unfairly benefit the wealthy at the expense of small business owners, their employees and independent entrepreneurs.

Every minute they choose to delay this critical funding puts our local and national economies in peril.

Delinda Cornist
Avondale small business owner