Scottsdale School Board Member Calls For Special Meeting To Demand Greenburg Resign

District Announces Intent To Hire Forensic Auditor

In August, then-Scottsdale Unified School District’s Governing Board president Jann-Michael Greenburg enjoyed a maskless night out on a Saturday at a Tempe bar and grille while kids were forced to mask up.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – On Friday, in the aftermath of revelations that Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board President Jann Michael Greenburg and his father, Mark, were spying on parents and children, a fellow member of the Board, Dr. Libby Hart-Wells, called for a Special Meeting to discuss demanding his resignation.

Superintendent Dr. Scott Menzel confirmed Dr. Hart-Wells’ request. He advised the Arizona Daily Independent that the meeting is set for Monday, November 15 at 6:00 p.m., at the district’s administration building located at 8500 E. Jackrabbit Road.

Menzel also announced that the district began the process of hiring an independent forensic investigator to determine if any school resources were used to compile, access or modify the private dossier created and maintained in Google drive folders by the Greenburgs and shared by them.

“We want to determine if school resources were used inappropriately,” said Menzel in the announcement. “We take our responsibility as good stewards of public funds very seriously.”

The Greenburgs developed a secret dossier which included volumes of what appeared to be opposition research on parents, their children, a popular conservative radio show host, and other community members.

News of the secret dossier came out when parents discovered it after the younger Greenburg shared a screen shot of his computer which showed the URL of the Google drive.

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According to AZFree News, Jann-Michael has denied any knowledge of or connection with the dossier. However, there are two instances in the past where his shared computer activity became evident.”

“In an August school board meeting, Jann-Michael admitted that his brother, also named Mark, was the one who set up his Microsoft Word account. He didn’t explain further why his brother’s profile and name continued to be on his computer,” according to AZFree News reporting.

Peoria School Board member and Arizona State Rep. Beverly Pingerelli also called for Greenburg’s resignation.

“Parents expressing concerns about what their children are being taught are not the enemy,” said Pingerelli. “Nevertheless, parents were labeled as domestic terrorists by the National School Board Association. Now, when you thought they couldn’t go lower, a new unacceptable depth has been reached.  We have parents and aspiring school board candidates — along with their family members – being the target of malicious opposition research to silence their voice. Dossiers with personal information about each being collected to be used against them.  And what’s most outrageous are these actions have been organized by an elected school board member,” Pingerelli told the Arizona Daily Independent.

“As both a governing school board member and state legislator, I call on the Arizona School Board Association to condemn such unethical conduct towards parents and the communities they serve. Any board members involved in these efforts should resign at once.  School board members should primarily focus on improving academics for all students, not suppressing or dismissing the voices of parents who disagree with how their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent,” concluded Pingerelli.

Scottsdale parent and Arizona lawmaker, Rep. Joseph Chaplik, also called for the resignation of Greenburg.

“As a Scottsdale parent and member of the community I am calling for the resignation of Jann-Michael Greenburg. The evidence of his cyber-stalking and spreading of an enemies list should be the last straw for his fellow board members and I expect them to join me in this call,” said Chaplik.

Chaplik, in his press release, also reminded the public that “this is the latest embarrassing episode for Greenburg.”

Chaplik cited the moment Greenburg was heard on a hot mic at a board meeting in August, making a vulgar statement about a parent who had just spoken at the podium.

Greenburg has also been documented breaking his own masking standards that he imposed on students in the district along with his fellow board members.

“We can do much better for Scottsdale with many more talented residents to hold this position,” said Chaplik.

Pingerelli’s call came at the same time over 700 parents, elected officials, and other lawmakers signed onto a letter demanding Greenburg’s resignation.

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