Why Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Burning Fossil Fuel Will Have No Effect On Climate


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In part 1 I gave the basics of the greenhouse effect and showed why carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels have no significant effect on global temperature. Here, I present more information including an article by Dr. Jay Lehr of CFACT showing why carbon dioxide is good.

The table below, constructed by geologists using government data shows how much each “greenhouse gas”contributes to the total greenhouse effect. (Source)


Notice that carbon dioxide emissions from man-made sources comprise only 0.117% of total greenhouse gases. Such low emissions have no significant effect.

Below is an extract from an article about climate and energy by Dr. Jay Lehr of CFACT (read whole article here).

Dr. Lehr writes:

Here is a list of basic truisms… . that must be spread to stop the wave of economic suicidal thinking. Yes eliminating fossil fuels is a suicidal plan already under way in nations such as Canada, Australia and Germany that are entering energy desperation.

1- Talking about decarbonizing life would be the same as ending all life. All life on earth is carbon based.

2- When the left talks of carbon, they really mean carbon dioxide but they want you to envision soot and coal dust.

3- Carbon dioxide is under no circumstances a pollutant. It is a gas that allows plants to grow and animals to survive.

4- The concept of a carbon footprint is a fraud. It really describes how much carbon dioxide your life style emits.

5- At 420 parts per million (ppm) carbon dioxide in today’s atmosphere, we are finally out of danger of starving all plant life of this necessary gas. Plants can not survive when CO2 is below 150 ppm. We were perilously close to that concentration when the atmosphere had only 280ppm before World War II. Now agriculture and forestry are reaping significant benefits from the additional carbon dioxide in today’s atmosphere.

6- We have found no level of carbon dioxide which is injurious to human health. We know nuclear submarines travel around the world under water with an average of 5000 ppm of carbon dioxide in the air and no illness has ever occurred as a result.

7 – Renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar may be of value to your home if you have a wind mill or photovoltaic cells in your back yard or roof feeding electricity directly into your home. However no wind or solar power has any value to add power to an electric grid of which the US has three, East, West and Texas. The grids can never afford to depend on intermittent power contributions. Therefore for every kilowatt hour of power of wind or solar on the grid they must install an equal or greater amount of fossil fuel power running at 100% at all times ready to replace wind or solar when the wind does not blow at a proper speed or the sun does not shine. That is called the Ciccone/Lehr renewable electric energy Rule of Thumb.

8- All the wind and solar power attached to an electric grid add no power at all, only the cost of constructing the backup fossil fuel power.

9- All nations that have invested heavily in wind or solar are seeing their energy costs skyrocket and brownouts and blackouts become more common.

10-No scientist not competing for government funding believes that the impact of carbon dioxide on the Earth’s temperature is other than insignificant. But many continue to search for whatever small impact might exist. This gives the the left a chance to argue in favor of a larger impact. None has been proven to exist.

11- The Green New Deal promoted by socialists, leftists, Marxists and environmental radicals is intended to bring all activities of our lives under government control when insufficient energy must be rationed.

12- No productive society can be run on intermittent wind and solar power, but the effort to do so will injure every member of society except those hoping to become its rulers.

13- Every claim that continued use of coal, natural gas and oil is dangerous to society is totally false. However it is intended to scare the masses with little ability to reason critically.

14- The Earth’s temperature has varied since the Earth was formed billions of years ago, long before Homo sapiens walked the Earth. Currently the increasing amounts of carbon dioxide have a small and insignificant impact on the Earth’s temperature . We’re the CO2 concentration of 420 parts per million (ppm) to double to 840 PPM in the coming century it could produce an increased temperature of one degree Celsius which would be beneficial to all life on Earth.

15- Human caused global temperature change is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on society.

16- In the 1970s many believed the Earth was cooling and every popular magazine had illustrations of coming ice ages. When cooling did not occur and the scare ended, power seekers changed their tune to global warming whose fear mongering still exists today. However a large number of climatologists now do believe that in about two decades the Earth may cool a small and manageable amount.

17- No computer model has ever correctly predicted the Earths’ temperature a decade into the future and yet radicals want us to change our economy based on model predictions a century into the future.

18- The effort to eliminate all coal, natural gas and oil is a world wide effort by those who desire a one world socialist government.

19- Most of the billionaires who control our media, lack only one thing in their lives, which is the power to run your life and the world. They already have all the possessions money can buy. They believe that having been smart enough to build companies to amass such wealth they are smart enough to run our lives better than we can.

20- While so many people think only of fuel and energy when they desire to eliminate coal, natural gas and oil from our lives, they fail to recognize that over 6000 products require derivatives from oil. Likely 80% of the items in the room in which you are reading this essay would not exist without products derived from hydrocarbons.

21- Nearly every year the United Nations holds a conference to discuss climate change. They are titled Conferences Of Parties or COPs. To date 26 have been held, the latest convened in Glasgow , Scotland in November, 2021. Their purpose is to discuss the elimination of fossil fuels and thereby reduce the increase in the Earth’s temperature based on mathematical models. Each year they request billions of dollars in reparations from the countries who have emitted large quantities of carbon dioxide. These funds are to be given to each undeveloped country to repair claimed damage from other countries CO2 emissions of which no harm has been proven. Details were partially established at the Paris Accord which was COP 15. To date little money has been given or received and each meeting is like the last in which as many as 25,000 bureaucrats assemble at lush vacation spots to discuss a fantasy now labeled The Theater of the Absurd by this author.

22- No greater force behind promoting human caused climate change is the United Nations who wishes to enhance its power over all counties of the world.

23- The vast majority of materials required to build wind turbines and solar power systems are made in China.

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