Ducey To Help Small Businesses Hurt By His Draconian Lockdowns With Taxpayer Money

Governor Doug Ducey [Photo via Youtube]

On Friday, Governor Doug Ducey announced $5 million in additional funding provided by taxpayers for the Back to Work Small Business Rehiring and Retention program to help small businesses recover from his draconian lockdown measures during the pandemic.

The next round of applications is now open. Apply here.

The Small Business Rehiring and Retention Program first launched in August 2021 to fund employee hiring, signing, relocation and retention bonuses. Another $5 million was added to the program in October, investing a total of $11.2 million into Arizona’s small businesses.

Small businesses awarded in the first round were able to offer hiring bonuses to 2,320 new hires and retention bonuses to 9,523 employees for an average bonus amount of $782.

An Arizona small business has to meet eligibility requirements to receive funding, including it must be: owned and operated in the state of Arizona; incorporated before January 1, 2020; rent or lease a physical location in Arizona; and have between five and 25 total employees that work at the physical location.

Eligible businesses may receive up to $10,000 for eligible expenditures At least 75% of the awarded funds must go to current or new employees in the form of incentives. There is a cap of $1,000 incentive for each employee. Up to 25% of the awarded funds can go to other business expenditures such as mortgage/rent, utilities, etc.

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  1. Isn’t that the democrats playbook? Create a crisis and give ’em $$ to help make them dependent on the government. Never vote for anyone associated with, appointed by, worked for the McCain/Ducey machine. NEVER. Ciscomani, Winn, Robson, Brnovich, Bennett on & on……..

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