Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers Loses Decisively After Testifying Against Trump

rusty bowers
Arizona Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers.

Bowers, who drove a stake into the heart of his re-election bid by testifying before the House Jan. 6 Committee, lost to Farnsworth 64.02% to 35.98%.

Choice Polling Place Early Ballot Total Percent
Farnsworth, David Christian 4,726 13,568 18,294 64.02%
Bowers, Russell W. “Rusty” 1,655 8,625 10,280 35.98%

During the 2022 Legislative Session, despite Bowers’s effort to block even the most modest election integrity bills in the wake of the controversial 2020 General Election, conservatives managed to get important bills through.

An audit of the election, conducted through the Arizona Senate, found that President Joe Biden had won, gaps in chain of custody for ballots, and other security issues were identified and recommendations for improvement were made.

Those recommendations met with ridicule by Bowers and his House staff, who were often cruel to and targeted House members they held in contempt.

The somewhat slow death of his daughter in 2021 earned him some sympathy, even from House members he had targeted. His daughter passed away after she was named as a target of a federal investigation into Medicaid fraud. According to sources, law enforcement was planning to arrest her until she became deathly ill. Since her death, Bowers has frequently recounted his final moments with her, eliciting sympathy and earning him a pass for his egregious behavior. Bowers’ staff effectively killed any news coverage of his daughter’s alleged criminal activity using the same tactics.

Farnsworth’s dominating victory almost certainly ends Bowers’ long career in office.

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