Euro-Conservative Tidal Wave: A Warning to AZ’s Boob-Ridden GOP


The ancient Chinese symbol for ‘Crisis’, a binary pictogram, is as historian Lewis Mumford reminded, one that shows 2 clear themes, “danger” and “opportunity”.

Why I contend Arizona’s feckless Grand Old Party, is in serious danger of complete dissolution, if they blow this election….. based upon the real implication of what just happened in Europe.

As of today, modern America has had a gut-full of its ancient, ossified, and brain-dead zoo animals: the Pachyderm and the Jackass. The large numbers of registered independent voters confirm it. But for the hardened party regulars, what just happened ‘on the continent’ is the metaphysical equivalent of squirting Jet-A on your Sunday charcoal grill.

Lots and lots of instantly torched political themes of the last 25-30 years. As one wag put it, “Even the Euros are tired of being overrun by criminal aliens, financing the globalist war in Ukraine, insane taxes, and having the gay billionaire agenda rammed down their throats!” Piscean nuttiness gone global.

Here at home: If the boobs that have been running the AZ GOP the last 10+ years cannot deliver winning results THIS ELECTION…..that’s it, you’re GONE, your brand is as fatally scorched as Kari Lake’s knickers.

I’ve told you what’s happening for almost 5 years; told you UA was a sinking Titanic-equivalent in 8-9 past pieces, ditto all about the city of “We Can’t Do That, Arizona” (Tucson), and predicted months in advance Sinema would bolt the Dims & fade the ’24 election. So you’d better hear me now, AZ GOP, your very existence depends on this election.

And when I say ‘election’; you have to improve your razor-thin majorities in the Statehouse, and elect a GOP United States Senator. Time to start thinking and acting like a winning coach; Mr. Trump can take care of himself in the Grand Canyon State.

Otherwise if you fail, Arizona will shortly become New Mexico or California. Guaranteed.

Sellers is a Southpark & Roosevelt Republican(TR) living in incorporated Oro Valley; his background is federal technology commercialization.

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Sellers is a South Park Republican who lives in incorporated Oro Valley. His background is federal tech-transfer commercialization. Contact him at Sellers is also a grad of Clemson's Architecture School and the University of NC School of Business. He was a founding member of the Albuquerque Friday Morning Breakfast Group which elected numerous conservatives. He has lived in the SouthWest & PacNorthWest more than 40 yrs.


  1. well RINO ain’t going away – they are ones who spend frivolously on perpetual wars
    and fund them with new debt no one intents on paying
    they have their friends the dimwits of democratic party to help them out

  2. I agree Bill, the state GOP is aimless and has lost the state. Just look at the comments in this article, mouth. Regathers still talking about unfair and stolen elections. The GOP has their head in the sand.

  3. Call! Knock on doors! Draft letters! It’s what some can do. The GOP of Az have not heard from us enough! Studies have shown that for every call, letter etc the politicians office says that equals about 5,000 constituents! Even if it’s 1000 it’s worth your time to contact these yahoos we selected!!!

  4. well he is preaching once again to the CHOIR. the right has done little but that is expaected when the ‘party’ is lead by mclame leftovers who are more concerned about self than the state just like he was. Theleft only has to plaster D behind a name to get elected just look at tucson some years ago, a rino ran and was elected to the cot, but when reelection came he knew he had been found out so ran as a d and got reelcted in this towns backward political scheme. Yes the r’s are not really active and when they are the left side of the party does not provide any support. This has been ongoing for years and will continue. The ‘party is non existent in most of the state, does not try to woo the reservation folks, ignores the rest of us as peons and we get what we get in return. So yes the party needs to grow BUT they need to APPEAL to more than the rinos that mclame served and articles like this will do little to encourage nonparty people to participate. I have heard in the last several years 1 time maybe 2 from the ‘party’ and it was only to ask for $$. I have gotten more from the jackass party and I dont support their giveaways either.

  5. The McCainiacs are supporting Gallego rather than Mark Lamb cuz they don’t like Trump-aligned Kari Lake? How lame is that?

  6. Jess in case you missed what he Jess said : “unless we can have an actual election, not a ‘selection’, none of what he says matters.”

    And DATS DAT! That last selection was a SHAM! oh oh oh oh oh… ahhhh BS! It was a “selection” not an election – end of nation if that runs again. Civil war? Or uncivil ? Is that the old DOORS SONG PLAYING? This is the end?

  7. Writer seems to miss the obvious: unless we can have an actual election, not a ‘selection’, none of what he says matters.

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