Camp Verde Boy Sent Threat To School For Two Girls As Prank

crime scene notice

A 12-year-old boy is in deep trouble after he agreed to participate in a Prank for two girls.

According to Cottonwood Police, on Saturday, September 26th at about 7:00 p.m. a parent contacted the Cottonwood Police Department to report her juvenile son received a text message from an unknown person cautioning him not to go to school on Monday because that person was going to shoot up the school. That text message was followed by a picture of an AR-15 propped on a couch.

The Cottonwood officer handling the investigation with assistance from the Department’s Terrorist Liaison Officer, Dispatch and Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center were able to locate the suspect; a 12-year-old boy who lives in Camp Verde.

The investigation revealed the boy didn’t know the victim but was asked by two girls who know both the victim and boy to send it as a “prank”.

The boy also doesn’t attend the same school the victim attends nor knew the victim is a student at Mountain View Preparatory school, but due to the threat aimed at the school the victim attends, they were notified and kept apprised of the investigation.

The picture that was sent to the victim was taken from the Internet, not a firearm owned by the suspect or his family.

Police determined the boy was unable to fulfill the threats. He was referred to the Yavapai County Juvenile Court for numerous felony charges.

The two girls are being identified and may be charged.

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