1. Why on earth don’t the people of Pima County get to vote for county Supervisor? We are ruled by an unelected despot!

  2. These people may be nice enough folks but as politicians they are arrogant and disgusting to me. They don’t give a damn about anything but a liberal agenda and protecting illegal aliens. Finding a way to pay for things the voters did not approve, while creative, IT’S STILL WRONG!!!

    Find private dollars if you want to do something we didn’t approve. I’m sure Mr Diamond and his ilk can afford a few million.

    • Sure they can, BUT you expect them to pay for something on their own?? If they spend on public memorials to their puppets, they pay for their own needs like private roads and stuff, why then they wont have the $$ to pay for the illegal caravans and the war against US CITIZENS.

      Remember they have and pull the strings on the CHEAPEST set of local politicians in the nation. The bos and cot.

  3. I think its a flattering picture of the fools that keep the Huckster in power. The real fools are the ones that elected them. You get the government that you deserve and Pima county so richly diserves these four losers.

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