Tucson Chamber Poll Finds Residents Happy With Health Care Policies

(Photo by Connor Tarter/Creative Commons)

Lawmakers and political candidates should listen to the voice of Arizonans when they consider which health care policies they choose to promote. As the Chamber continues to look for ways to support small business owners, and their employees, the Chamber recently conducted a broad poll of Tucson residents regarding health care policies being weighed at the Federal level. We were surprised to discover that the poll results reflected similar views regardless of political affiliation.

The vast majority of likely voters in our city are satisfied with their current health care plans, and a solid majority oppose raising taxes to fund a one-size-fits-all health care system. The poll found that 88 percent of likely voters in Tucson are “highly satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with their current health care coverage. Also, 57 percent indicated they would not support a payroll tax increase of more than $2,000—which a separate study indicates could be necessary to fund a government-controlled health care system. Moreover, nearly half of likely voters indicated they would not support a candidate who would replace private insurance with a system like the public option while less than a third would support that candidate. This doesn’t mean that changes and adjustments should not be made. However, rather than offering to make massive changes to our health care system, lawmakers should focus on real solutions that will improve our system to lower costs and improve access for everyone- especially our small business owners and their employees.

Amber Smith
President, Tucson Tucson Chamber Commerce