America Without Borders: TUSD’s Mexican American Studies elementary lesson

The materials below are part of TUSD’s Mexican American Studies curriculum. The lesson plan is entitled, America Without Borders.

This material was turned over by the district to the state, in a Discovery Request, as part of the district’s appeal of Huppenthal’s finding. TUSD’s Superintendent Dr. John Pedicone, testified that the district has not made any changes to the classes since before the finding by Superintendent Huppenthal that the classes violate state law.

This lesson ¬†America Without Borders was, “compiled to give students a better sense and also a different perspective of the history of what we call America.”

The instructions to the teacher read, “This past year, 2005-2006, was the year of the Minute Men, immigration reforms, walk outs and lots of demonstrations in support of immigrants, reaffirming that they are not alone in their struggle for freedom.”

Materials courtesy TU4SD