First Lady’s Tucson speech sold out

First Lady Michelle Obama is making a visit to Tucson today. Mrs. Obama will speak to supporters at the sold out Tucson Convention Center. It is the First Lady’s third trip to Tucson.

Supporters paid between $100 and $20,000 for the privilege of seeing Mrs. Obama.

• $100 per person couple for general tickets

• $500 per couple for premium seating

• $7,500 per couple to stand in a photo line, and premium seating

• $20,000 per couple to be member of guest committee, named in the event’s program, stand in the photo line, and premium seating.

3 Comments on "First Lady’s Tucson speech sold out"

  1. Does the $100.00 tickets buy seats in the defunct bleachers

  2. Apparently there is nothing wrong with the economy in The Old Pueblo.

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