“Steve K” lashes out in defense of establishment

Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik has launched into full offense and defense in the matter of his good buddy, car dealer Jim Click, and new enemies, too numerous to count. In a frantic rant released yesterday which included everything from criticism of what he called “a racially inappropriate cartoon” to what he described as the right wing fringe, the “The Koz” comes out swinging in every direction in an effort to protect the City’s establishment.

In the release, Kozachik offered a scathing criticism of those members “of my own party have (sic) implicated significant supporters of Republican candidates in their conspiracy allegations.” By supporters, he means donors like Click. While Kozachik is not known for his loyalty to HIS Republican Party, one democrat said, “Koz was as quick to come out in support of his political benefactors as he is throwing his party under the bus. Money talks.”

Two weeks ago the Tucson powers-that-be had two watchdog members of the new Reconstituted Rio Nuevo District Board removed from the Board for demanding too much accountability. The move came mere days before a scathing audit of the Westside projects of Rio Nuevo were to come to light.

The audit was released this weekend and the damage control began in full force.

That audit clearly shows that the promises made to the residents of Tucson’s Westside were broken time, and time again, and over $32,000,000 was wasted, while struggling Tucsonans lost their jobs, homes, and hope.

In a telephone rant, Kozachik, who identified himself as “Steve K,” was asked by the Arizona Daily Independent about the treatment of the residents of the Westside and the City’s failure to keep their promises. He responded that the audit was a sham, and that the auditors did not contact the City to request receipts that could show where the money was spent.

Kozachik insisted that the auditors failed to do their due diligence in tracking down documents which would vindicate the City. He did not offer an explanation as to why the City would fail to produce documents that would vindicate it in the first place.

Contrary to “Steve K’s” claims, auditors officially requested the information twice in writing, and made numerous verbal requests. Auditors found that $32 million could not be properly accounted for on Westside projects.

When asked if he would call for an investigation by the Board of Accountancy for what he implied was a fiduciary breach by the auditors, he ended the interview.

In his release, Kozachik defends the removal of Bains and Grinnell as “a final effort to position the sides for success.” He fails to mention whose success is at issue. But Tucsonans have come to understand that there are only two sides that count; the “City” and the business powers-that-be.

The taxpayers including the residents of the Westside do not, and have not had a seat at the table.

At the last meeting of the new Reconstituted Rio Nuevo Board, well respected community leader and board member Alberto Moore advised the public that the City’s move to remove two of the watchdog members of the Board was an intentional effort to sweep corruption under the rug. Kozachik only counters the claim with his claim that “nothing productive has been advanced by the Rio Nuevo Board and the City since the “Reconstituted” Board was appointed.”

However, the new Board could not be “productive” until it met its primary responsibility of developing a financial baseline upon which to become productive. Kozachik also fails to mention in his statement one small item; the District is nearly broke. It can barely pay its debt service fees.

In his screed/press release Kozachik makes the claim that his new enemies are “openly suggesting that I am “protecting the City” and am trying to hide past wrong doing.” Kozachik’s statement clearly demonstrates that he believe that interests of “the City” and “the city of a million hard working people” are separate and adverse.

Kozachik lashed out at the independent press. He wrote, “And (sic) when a racially inappropriate “cartoon” appeared in a right-wing blog site today, I decided to give it one more try to educate the theorists.” Kozachik was referring to a Sunday Comic in the ADI that appeared this weekend. The day’s comics featured Republican senator Steve Pierce, in one, and “Steve K. himself, along with Regina Romero, and Shirley Scott.

In light of the fact that both comics addressed the thuggery of two establishment white men, our cartoonist Loretta Hunnicutt, asked Kozachik what he found “racially inappropriate” about the cartoons entitled “The way it works around here,” and “Koz is the man.” He responded that he “just did.” When asked to be more specific, he said that he took exception to the likeness of Regina Romero. He said it was a product of a “right-wing bigot.”

Kozachik took no exception to the misogynist tripe his lap dog, Josh Brodesky, of the Arizona Daily Star, fed the public last week. In Brodesky’s column, he attacked former member Bain, for sending those mixed messages women send. Apparently, Kozachik’s sensitivity is limited to only his friends.

Kozachik complained bitterly that he could find “nothing liberal” in the Arizona Daily Independent, unlike, the Arizona Daily Star, commonly referred to as Jim Click’s newsletter. His response necessitated a follow up question; Did he believe that the truth was liberal or conservative. “Steve K” refused to answer.

Kozachik says “The shrill attacks on people like me, who are trying to work across Party lines, create a healthy economic environment in this community while at the same time calling for a speedy resolution to the investigations are unproductive.” He then continued his shrill unproductive attack.

The simple truth is that few would have any use for Kozachik if he were not a Republican. He has been, since his election an ineffective Board member, rarely securing consensus on issues of transparency or accountability. The Republicans don’t want him around, and the Democrats will only tolerate him as long as he is bashing the Republicans.

Kozachik offered self serving defense of himself here.

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  1. Quote:
    Jim Click himself, released a television ad touting the many wonders of Fletcher McCusker whom is one of the Pierce appointed replacement Rio Nuevo District Board members

    And Fletcher McCusker states that he is not Jim Click’s “Good Ol’ Boy”.

  2. Quote:
    Contrary to “Steve K’s” claims, auditors officially requested the information twice in writing, and made numerous verbal requests. Auditors found that $32 million could not be properly accounted for on Westside projects.

    Where is Regina Romero. Westside projects are in her Ward 1. Where is the accountability and transparency from her office to insure that the city complies with this audit. Why is Steve K covering for this council person. Is it fact that she has more to hide than disclose. (?????)

  3. Mr. Flores,

    You should have beat Regina in the Ward 1 race. There are alot of people in town who think you did win and were robbed.

  4. Pot holes, street lights, community clean up and maintenance will get the next councilman elected. If a candidate will stick to those issues and let the silliness of Rio Nuevo slither into history they will make Tucson a better place. I think business owners would come around to the idea that a cleaner, safer, more functional city would be in their better interest. Certainly more so than the one dimensional view that “Tucson is Art” (and “Art” can only happen in the dilapidated downtown area. This seems to be the focus that characterizes the present council, R.I.N.O. Steve K. included. There a hundreds of thousands of Tucsonans that get up in the morning and go to work making the city run. These are the people that the council needs to work for. Things like art, race, or the sexual orientation of local pigeons are not issues for a council to even consider, they (the council) are not going to change the world into a kinder, gentler, more wonderful place unless they get off their dead ass (if Rio Nuevo were a burro it would be analogous to kicking a dead horse) and get to work. The Tucson City Council’s job is improving the community, not hoping to change it into nirvana in the desert.

  5. Steve K presented himself as a tea party guy in 2009. He showed up at LD meetings (I was there) and tea party events. He had a campaign table at the July 4, 2009 tea party gathering and was given a platform to speak at various events. If it was not for the tea party and several other grassroots conservative groups he has abandoned, he would not be in office today. His entire premise for running in 2009 was to hold the city accountable on Rio Nuevo and particularly going after Nina Trasoff on the matter.

    Since that time, Kozachik has morphed into a thin-skinned, arrogant hypocrite. Seems he’s been inducted into the belly of the beast itself: The Cult of Click.

    • Thanks Lisa, I couldn’t agree more. It didn’t take him long to change sides and he talks like he knows something about the 32M from this audit. The FBI needs take this audit and drill a little deeper.

  6. The 230 million “slush fund” is chump change compared to what clean efficient and safe energy would bring to Pima County. Billions upon billions annually.

    This type of energy is a money magnet, big money, Jim Click is a punk next to money like this.

    It would power 3 to 8 million homes and businesses in southern Az. and northern Mexico.

    It would bring good paying jobs, tax revenue would sky rocket as would the standard of living.

    And, no it is not solar, it is nuclear.

    It is time to clean up the corruption, and move this region into the regional industrial and financial power house it can be and will be.

    It is time to get behind Senators Antenori and Melvin on their nuclear power plant for Pima County.

    This is America not Clicksville.

    And, Councilman Kozachik, join the Democrats, you are a good Democrat, take back your party and leave our house cleaning to us.

    Paul Pratt

  7. 88 percent of the audited expenditures are “questioned costs”?

    Instead of moving on, there should be a stop of all future expenditures involving Rio Nuevo until the “questioned costs” finding is resolved.

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