Miller endorsed by SACPAC

The Board of Directors of Southern Arizona Conservative PAC have endorsed Ally Miller for Pima County Board of Supervisors in the District 1 Race.

Southern AZ Conservative PAC chairman Don Woolley said that they believe Miller is the “ideal candidate for Pima County District 1 Supervisor.” Miller says she is ‘honored to have the support of Southern AZ Conservative PAC. We must stop electing the establishment politicians and candidates supported by special interests to bring jobs, accountability and prosperity back to Pima County.”

Miller is a graduate of the University of Arizona Eller School MBA program and has lived in Pima County for more than 30 years. She and her husband Jeff reside in Northwest Pima County.

Miller is best known for her work in bringing the FBI in to investigate the $230 million City of Tucson spending spree otherwise known as Rio Nuevo.

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  1. Glad to hear about this endorsement. Noticed the AZ Star didn’t bother to publish this! Ally Miller is the only candidate that will truly represent us the residents of Pima County! She has not aligned herself with the failed policies & corruption of the current board of Supervisors and Huckleberry. I for one would like to see Ally Miller elected to she can help find out where all of our road money has disappeared to. It is very apparant that it wasn’t used on the roads in Pima County!

  2. Ally researches & analyzes the issues instead of dealing in crony/corrupt politics. She will bring fiscal accountability back to Pima County. It’s time for new leadership!

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