Barton calls for Crandall ethics investigation

State Representatives Brenda Barton and John Fillmore are requesting a Senate ethics investigation into the actions of Senator Rich Crandall, which they decribe as “disorderly behavior.” Citing the need for the investigation, Representative Barton stated, “It is important for legislators to be mindful of the decorum that is expected of them both in and out of the capitol.”

Barton said she hoped the Senate “will take a serious look into whether or not Senator Crandall violated any rules of disorderly conduct.”

Crandall threatened Barton in a telephone message, in the matter of his daughter’s alleged tampering of Senator John Fillmore’s signs, that he was “furious with you right now, and you better not try to run any educational legislation next year.”

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  1. Crandall is assuming he will be there to stop any legislation…if the Senate will not do the right thing, and kick him out of office for abuse of power, we the people can VOTE him out in the August 28th primary. My vote is for Fillmore…shame on you Senator Crandall!!

  2. He’s furious? It’s the voters who should be furious using legislation for the children as leverage. I’m thnking CPS should get investiagte this for the sake of Crandall’s daughter, what is she being taught at home? To become a thief, a union thug, or politician?

    • Well since Crandall is one of the original flat earth right wing religious zealots I doubt she will become a union thug. 🙂

      • Come on, right wing nut, left wing nut, he is a nut for having his daughter do this. Poor kid.

  3. Crandall threatens the education all the children of Arizona, because his daughter gets caught breaking the law, this man should resign if he will not then yes an ethics investigation should begin, using his power to threaten another State Represtntative is totaly unacceptable

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