Maricopa County Democratic Party Chair to step down

Maricopa County Democratic Party opts out for loss to Arpaio

The Maricopa County Democratic Party Chair, Ann Wallack, has decided to not seek another term as a result of the huge success of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the 2012 election. Wallack also cited the Party’s “strife, infighting and lawsuits” as “major disincentives” to run again.

“I’ve done it for four years, and I think I need to let other people get in there and have a chance. It’s time to move on,” Wallack told the Yellow Sheet. “If I had beaten the sheriff and gotten a couple of supervisors, I would’ve been the happiest woman on earth and I would’ve stayed. I don’t feel like I was successful.”

The Yellow Sheet reported that the Maricopa County Democratic Party Chair did not know who might run to replace her. She told the Yellow  Sheet that she expects to stay involved in the party for a little while to ensure a smooth transition. On the state party side, Maricopa County Democratic Party insiders said they don’t expect anyone to challenge Chairman Bill Roe, who has spoken to others about his intention to run for a full term. Arizona Democratic Party spokesman Frank Camacho said Roe hasn’t made a final decision yet.”

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