Farnsworth to replace Crandall

arizona capitolThe Maricopa County Board of Supervisors selected former lawmaker Dave Farnsworth to replace State Senator Rich Crandall on Tuesday. Crandall was removed from office when it was determined that he had abandoned it, leaving for a position as the head of the Wyoming Education Department.

Farnsworth was one of three nominees for the position. The other nominees were current State Representative Kelly Townsend and former State Senator John Fillmore.

The supervisor representing the Maricopa County District where former Senator Crandall used to live, Steve Chucri, was given deference to make the decision on the appointment. According to Capitol sources, Chucri selected Farnsworth because he was the “establishment” candidate. Sources say that Chucri “did not want to appoint someone with strong ties to the tea party.”

Farnsworth also won the vote of the precinct committee persons with 58 votes with Fillmore following with 51 votes and Townsend with 42 votes.

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