Miller tackles Pima County status quo, women call for new leadership

By Rebecca Jones, Registered Republican

Republican Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller has recently been under a vicious assault from the establishment/old school wing of the Republican party for her votes and appearances on talk radio. More specifically, “Miller Time” with James T. Harris on 104.1 FM, during which she discusses major issues facing the county along with results of votes taken each week, appears to garner the ire of the good old boys/establishment folks. Since there is no reporting from traditional establishment media, talk radio, along with the online publication called The Arizona Daily Independent, have become the most trusted sources for folks wanting to hear the truth.

As a Registered Republican woman, I am appalled by the shenanigans going on in our county and within the party leadership.

Yet, another testament to the need for new leaders – we have the embarrassment of Senate Majority Leader John Boehner calling for Republican men to “learn how to speak to women.” Are you kidding me? I know many wonderful Republican men who don’t act in this manner, and this is an insult to all of them. However, I believe Mr. Boehner is clearly referring to the Republican leadership, and I ask you to consider the following:

If our leadership hasn’t progressed beyond the point where the House majority leader is holding sensitivity classes aimed at teaching Republican men to communicate with women…well, let’s just say “Houston we have a problem.”

Here is an example of a recent experience by Miller as an elected Republican woman:

Arizona State Republican National Committeeman, Mr. Bruce Ash, advertised on his Facebook page what can best be described as a hate-filled rant by a fringe character (with a Saturday radio show) directed at Miller and every other individual in this community, who has ever questioned the status quo.

One wonders why the establishment would object to transparency. Isn’t that the battle cry we hear from our Republican leadership? Yet, somehow we always fall short, don’t we? We fail to win elections, and we fail to hold our elected officials accountable.

Chaos ensues and the ending failure comes as no surprise to the good old boy establishment wing, who perpetuate the chaos in the first place.

Simply stated: The establishment/good old boys wish to maintain the status quo. Period…end of story. Things are good for them while the taxpayers watch their world fall apart around them. The roads are crumbling, businesses such as Raytheon are continually sued, and new businesses are assaulted with years of red tape, lawsuits and fees. This means one thing…increasing taxes to continue with the status quo.

It is time we asked ourselves, “Is it not time for new leadership?” This means from top to bottom. It is time we understand electing the same people to public office, as well as those we elect to lead the Republican party, are not performing in the best interest of the community.

They have failed us miserably year after year…yet, we keep electing them. What does that say about us? When will we stand up and support Republican Supervisor Ally Miller and all the other individuals in this community who are trying to save it for future generations?

The current leadership is comprised of a laundry list of recycled names on all the same boards and commissions. It is time we cleaned them out and new leaders need to come to the table.

It is time for business leaders – not self-serving committees, which spend taxpayer money on annual boondoggles and drunken parties that accomplish nothing other than some back slapping and handing out shiny trophies.

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  1. Ally has the qualifications, the grit, the courage and integrity to beat the good ole boys at their own game. She is a remarkable woman! We salute her.

  2. Ally Miller is our “point of the spear”. Thanks for being the only supervisor who isn’t in it for themselves Ally.

  3. Mrs. Jones has it 110% correct. It was shameful & inexcusable that Bruce Ash, an elected GOP national committeeman from AZ, would foster & promote this terrible insane attack on a real Republican by a fringe nut-job. Allie Miller is the only Pima County voice speaking for US, and that makes her the target for Ash & his friends.

    Remember, I said Ash is an elected representative, and can be un-elected.

    Mrs. Jones calls on the business leaders to step forward and work for US, but it’s the big-wallet Chamber of Commerce RINO branch of the Party that is destroying US. They are padding their bottom lines by employing illegals at slave wages, not paying any payroll taxes for their slaves, and selling their goods and services to the expanding illegal market. They are literally killing the honest small-business owners who try to obey the laws, honor American citizens and legal alien residents, and respect the security of this country. These are the traitors who are working in stealth to steal the GOP.

    We have the Carolyn McCoxes and the Robert McGrahams presented to US falsely as conservatives, and as soon as the votes have been counted they are morphing back to their natural RINO condition. They feel totally comfortable in betraying US and in attacking patriots like Allie Miller, JT Harris, ADI and other Tea Party conservatives.

    We will have to depend on concerned conservatives and news forums like ADI to expose these RINO chameleons before they can ride their falsehoods to elected postiions. The conservatives have to rise up again, and again take back the AZ GOP.

    God bless America.

  4. Bruce Ash and the status quo have got y go. Ally Miller is ready to clean house and I completely support her and her efforts!

  5. When there’s a qualified candidate, the status-quo never supports them, in fact they get frightened if they can’t control that person and go into seek and destroy mode. The question is how much longer will we put up with this behavior from our Pima County leaders?

  6. Defund the Republican party. Give to Ally directly. Give to candidates that the Republican elite will not support and vehemently attack. There’s your first clue. It’s way past time to clean house.

  7. And, if you think that attending these annual boondoggles and engaging in the drunken parties, endears you with the corrupt, you are correct, just ask to see your photo dossier.

  8. The American Revolution required the support of the conservative wealthy to eventually win, and until, outside conservative wealth can be convinced to invest in this region, and this conservative wealth is willing to invest in the fight to establish economic freedom here, there can be no sustained takeover of the bipartisan corruption that “holds annual boondoggles and drunken parties that accomplish nothing other than some back slapping and handing out shiny trophies”.

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