A-10 pilot exposes GOP’s McSally, “madness pure madness”

martha-mcsally-greta-van-susterenA recent appearance by former A-10 pilot Colonel (ret.) Martha McSally, a candidate for CD2, on FOX’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren has triggered a reaction in the A-10 community that can only be called lethal. In an appearance on the James T. Harris Show, on KQTH, A-10 legend Tom Norris shot down McSally’s carefully cultivated image.

In 2012, McSally seemed to appear in Arizona out of thin air, when she arrived to run for Congress after Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords announced her retirement forcing a Special Election in Congressional District 8 (CD8). Since that time, the protégé of John McCain has carefully crafted her personae as an authority on the A-10 while undergoing a startling makeover.

After her latest awkward appearance on Van Susteren’s show, Harris told his audience, “I wanted to have someone who really understood the capabilities of the A10 and the questions that were being asked by Greta to get a counterpoint. So, I’m bringing on the resident A-10 legend of the James T Harris show, Lt. Col. retired Tom-Chuck Norris.”

The following is a transcript of the conversation:

Harris: Welcome to 104.1 KQTH Tom.

Norris: James how are you doing?

Harris: I’m doing fantastic. I was listening to some of the things Martha McSally was saying, some of them sounded really, really good and then others I said what? Huh? Let’s back it up, uh Tom I want you to respond to some of the questions that were asked. First off Greta asked, are pilots safe going into combat?

Norris: In that particular theater, in this particular scenario, I think people who are really at risk are the civilians are there. I mean, you’ve got terrorists running around with enough firepower two and manpower to be able to overwhelm these cities throughout Iraq. So, by far the civilians are way more at risk than any pilots flying in that territory under these given conditions. Further based by what‘s on the you’ve got Navy Hornets and other aircraft dropping ordnance with what appears to be not a full command and control structure. To ensure that you’re not going to inadvertently injure civilians by our own bombs. So, by far way and above any risk that a pilot would have in that theatre I think the threat of civilian casualties is way greater.

Harris: Greta asked, if the use of air power could do this alone? I don’t think Mc Sally ever gave a clear answer to that question she hinted around it. But can airpower do this alone?

Norris: No. The real flight is on the ground always has been always will be. So in my opinion this is the way you would do this.

First off you would put two squadrons of A-10’s in that theater, doing 24/7 operations combined with advisors and I put advisors in quotes embedded into the Kurds, the friendly tribes as well as the Iraqi forces are there. You would embed those advisors, and then let muscle memory take over. Meaning that the attack community knows how to do this line work and would quickly and efficiently, with ultra safety to the civilians that are there, execute proper targets. Because remember again, with these types of conditions, when you are looking from high altitude through a particular sensor, a bad guy who appears to be a bad guy may not be, he may be a guy just herding goats out there. So it takes a really definitive process to ensure, above everything else, that you protect friendlies and you execute the targets that need to be executed. The only way to do that is with boots on the ground. And we’re not talking about a mass land army. What we’re talking about is the ability efficiently control and execute close air support. And then in addition to that I would put additional boots on the ground from our silent professionals out there to take care of business as required.

They may not be controlling tasks – but they would be taking – they would be doing God’s work taking out the bad guys as required. Once that’s done you get out of there.

Harris: When I was listening to the questioning here, Greta was asking about the pilots. McSally never said that they were using Hornets in the theater. As an A-10 pilot I thought that would be a good opportunity for McSally to further advance the need for the A-10. I mean she was not engaged in the fight for it back stateside, but here is a prime example, this is something the A-10 was made for and she never mentioned the fact ..Well she did say that the A-10’s would be better used in the situation but the question is how come they’re not being used?

Norris: Well the first thing, is that I thought about her arguments in regards as to why the A-10 is best suited over there – to use one of your words – was madness. It Made no sense, and did not capitalize on the true strengths of the aircraft, in regards, to the precision and non-precision aircraft. Yeah, the long loiter you saw, the picture in the background where the Hornets were hitting the tanker. And then you know, again the biggest part of this whole thing is whether it be up high, or down low, or whatever the case may be, the attack community can do that.

The biggest issue to me is that working with these so called advisors, is the muscle memory in this community. That is the biggest factor that is going to prevent civilian casualties.

Harris: Muscle memory for the community. Tom-Chuck can I hold you over? I got so engaged in the conversation that I wasn’t paying attention. My sexy sidekick said we gotta pay the bills.

Harris: You’re listening to 104.1 KQTH Tucson News and talk.

McSally, interviewed on Greta last night and here’s what she said when Greta asked her about flying into danger:

McSally: “Well every time we fly into enemy territory as a pilot we’re at risk, you’re at risk of potential small arms fire or rocket propelled grenades or other missiles. We also could have some sort of emergency where you have to eject. So every time we launch for one of these missions we’re ready to go and we we’re ready to survive on the ground evade and we’ve got the training to be able to do that. So you’re always at risk every time you go on a mission like this and actually the A-10 would be well suited for this situation because we do fly low lethal and very survivable with long loiter times and we do carry 1174 rounds of 30 millimeter on board, where you can actually hit targets and not hurt any friendly forces or civilians that are in very close proximity”

Harris: Tom what did you think of McSally’s explanation there?

Norris: Madness pure madness. I mean she was, there was a reason why she was under the highest level of supervision starting back in 1995, because she had severe lack of knowledge and credibility and it hasn’t changed. Based upon her threat assessment on what the largest threats are; small arms, automatic weapons, rocket propelled grenades, and the threat of ejecting? I mean, that is just preposterous looking at any AOR to come up with those three, against a U.S. Air Force or U.S. Navy, fixed wing aircraft is just ridiculous.

Small arms and automatic weapons their ranges are very low. A rocket propelled grenade is an unguided grenade and they are very effective against a variety of ground targets, helicopters etc but not…. neither one of these threats has ever shot down US Air Force or Navy fixed wing aircraft with small arms, automatic weapons, or rocket propelled grenades. I can’t think of one instance in the last 25 years. I don’t know where she’s getting that from. And any pilot that would say the big risk is having to eject? Risk compared to who, the people on the ground are at a hell of a lot bigger risk than that. I mean if you’re flying in air plane that you’re afraid to cross the border and go into combat with because you might have to eject, then you need to pick a different airplane.

Harris: I thought she was talking about the f-35 personally. Zing.ha ah ha.

Norris: It just shows me that she did not prepare for this interview and she doesn’t have any experience to fall back on.

Harris: This is why I wanted to have you back on, the Lt Col Tom Norris retired, The Legend in the A-10 community.

Because I think a fraud is being perpetrated on, on, the nation. She appeared in FOX News in two articles yesterday and on Greta Van Susteren (Wednesday night) it is not a coincidence it’s not an accident it’s part of the design. But the nation does not get to choose whether or not she represents our district.

It’s the people here, we get to choose and I think they need to understand that what she’s shoveling out there in D.C. and what they are trying to foist upon us is fraudulent.

Check back on Monday for the rest of the interview, in which Norris reveals McSally’s MO: “It doesn’t matter how good a pilot I am. It doesn’t matter how good I execute close air support. What matters is getting me promoted.” To hear the interview, click here.


  1. Just more of the same from a woman that has no position. Her position changes as the needs indicate, you know kind of like McCain and McFlake. As I have stated before she was the anointed one of the Republican party. She has already lost one primary vote to Jesse Kelly. Now that put a loser into that position again. The idiots that think that they know what is best for us are trying to take you vote away. Its time that we send this lady back to Alabama or where ever she came from. After the election I hope that she can call me a toothless Zonie. Any bets that if she loses the primary she gets a cushy job in DC? That’s usually the way things work now. People like her really do need to be sent packing.

  2. NYET to McAnybody! We already have enough McJackAsses in this parade – let’s see we’re bombing in Iraq to…. oh yeah ‘now we are saving the oil’ because if ISIS or IS which ever name you like takes this over… Kuwait and the house of Saudi are the next cards in the house of cards – ‘that’ would change the balance of power in the world – remember the US Dollar is being held world currency by the house of Saudi continuing to accept them as the prime payment for OIL – that changes the DOLLAR disappears as the world currency… oh we have a ‘VERY DIFFERENT” ballgame – with the Jeopardy question being – counties of non consequence – What is the United States… for it will have fallen into ‘who cares status’ with the dollar gone – just another pawn with a talking head president. Isn’t that who we are now? Expect huge – unbelievable only a short time ago changes to be coming… it’s that time.

    We’re bombing ISIS – the KURDS Foe’s… to try and save face – we’re ‘out of Iraq remember – here’s the new reality – indeed Saddam said ” this is the beginning of the “mother of all wars” – it’s what we are watching – that’s when it started – this is where we are now and it’s on a fast track to something the world has NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Prayer – if you don’t, you may want to consider and learn – if you do, keep the faith – time to turn on the ‘buckle your seat belt lights in the cabin – rough air ahead’ – expect BIG BUMPS!

  3. This is a carbon copy of McTraitor’s primary campaign in 2010. He was being crushed in AZ by honest conservative patriot JD Hayworth, so the pro-AMNESTY Murdoch empire came to his rescue. FOX News and Sean Hannity managed to have McTraitor on the air as a special DC consultant every day. It was an obvious ploy to fool the sleepy, low-information voters in Sun City, and it worked to perfection. McTraitor got back in, and proceeded to immediately throw AZ and US into the fire.

    FOX News ownership & management is not a conservative outfit, and has an effective media club to beat down conservative upstarts.

    God bless America.

  4. The GOP is really trying hard to repackage Ms McSally for this campaign run. The question is have campaign funds been used for the extensive physical changes that have taken place.

    This isn’t a matter of putting lipstick on a Pig but turning a pork chop into a tenderloin.

  5. Who is Lt Col Tom Norris retired, “The Legend in the A-10 community,” and what makes him an expert? Perhaps some background on this fella would be appropriate for the article.

  6. McSally and the GOP are counting on low information voters to elect her. I’m tired of the Republican establishment, Fox and other media outlet only giving us the info that the GOP wants us to have. They pick and chose who to put on Fox….that’s why I dropped cable and now I’m streaming and I get more information than I ever thought I would. Fox is just becoming one of those MSM outlets. McSally has a fire in her belly and never walks away from a problem but she runs from a debate with Wooten. Chuck could run circles around her if she had the guts to stand up. Get out there folks. Work for Chuck. Tell your neighbors and friends we have a citizen selected candidate that can beat Barber and that’s what it’s all about. Let’s get Wooten into the general and then we’ll truly have someone to represent us…not the Boehners, Cantors, and McCains and Kyles of the world. Go get ’em Chief.

  7. McSally is a done as a cooked goose – her “I fought the law and I won commercial – yikes!” I stood up to all of washington and pushed them over…. waa waaaa waaaa…. and for my next trick – I do like the idea of CCMSgt. Wooten taking office. I think he’ll be the surprise winner in this election.

  8. Kathleen, I think that one fact speaks volumes to her leadership and opinion of herself. She alienates people as she goes and her views change with the wind. She has not had an original thought since 2012. Same old retread and tired McCain and old guard republican ideas. As I have posted previously its time for her to go.

  9. What McSally was doing was building up her self image. Saying that pilots are at risk of being shot at and having to eject, really means “I was at risk of being shot at and having to eject every time I went up.” Remember it is all about McSally.

  10. Harris was right,she lacks experieinnce and her agenda is mainly herself and nobody else her assessment of the A-10 was way off target at best which proves she lacked experience flying it in a combat scenario it was a set up as usuall and it is so easily seen too

  11. McSally reminds me of John Kerry that tried to run on his military record but practically everyone that served with him said he did a terrible military job.

  12. Well I am not surprised both Republican & Democrats are GUILTY of promoting there agendas. Only the good ole boys & girls.

    Once again I encourage the voters do not vote for a person based on party affiliation. Go out get informed and vote for the best candidate.

    Just sharing what I have done, will continue to do no matter what criticism or flack I get. Be your own person do what best for Southern Arizona & USA.

  13. I’ve been a Chuck Wooten supporter from the first time I heard him speak (at the Palominas Tea Party meeting in late March)…but even if I weren’t, Martha McSally’s interview with Greta would be disturbing if judged by body language alone, never mind the non-content of her verbal responses to Van Susteren’s questions. Watching the video, it’s startling (and extremely distracting) to see how frequently she blinks. I’ve watched it twice and can’t keep count; it’s like she’s got machine gun eyelids.

    So I Googled “fast eye blinking” a bit and came up with the following body language analysis at changingminds.org which states in part,

    “…Rapid blinking blocks vision and can be an arrogant signal, saying ‘I am so important, I do not need to see you’.”

  14. …. and she won’t have to see us from her house – where ever that may be – Thank You Mr. F Baker

    Kerry going back the following day to make a film of where they were in an ambush in Viet Nam – what a nut case – and he’s still talking on “our” behalf… to the world.

  15. This is why I limit my comments, regarding my service to, “I never was a hero, but I had the privilege to walk amongst heroes.” I did my job for my 4 years, but I also have the utmost respect for those who served 20+ years, those who survived the worse of times, and those who sacrificed their lives. McSally is riding on the sacrifice of the heroism of those she was privileged to be amongst. Just because she sat on the bench, for the Chicago Bulls, doesn’t mean she deserves to get her name on a pair of Nike’s.

  16. I read your July 26 article about the abaya law suit “for the women in the Air Force”-what a bunch of —-, it was about her visiting a friend in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia and not wanting to wear an abaya. It did not put her career on hold, in fact , she moved up the military ladder twice, Lt. Colonel then Colonel. What stopped her career was at her pinning ceremony, calling the Alabama dignitaries “toothless”. That brought her career to a halt. It appears it is all about HER…..

  17. Her TV ads showing her as one person taking on the entire pentagon is also fraudulent. She is nothing more than an unemployed self-serving fraud trying to get a job doing something she is not qualified to do.

  18. Well, the ignorant among us have helped this blithering idiot win the Republican primary. I guess they all liked her new ‘do. Of course when only 40% of registered voters actually vote, what the hell do you expect? We had a chance to select a decent, honest individual to go against Barber (Chuck Wooten) and instead we have an arrogant blowhard who will do exactly nothing for us. Now our choice in November is once again “No” and “Hell no.”

    • Aroy,
      Since I like neither of those choices, “No” or “Hell No,” when November rolls around I’ll be selecting the third and best choice, “Write In – Chuck Wooten.” Are you with me?

  19. The entire GOP is behind her because of McCain. Makes you wanna jump parties and vote for Barber. Many will probably do just that because Barber is now the best candidate in the race. It won’t stop the GOP from keeping control but it might stop McSally.

  20. Since Wooten is not a choice any longer I will not now or ever vote for McSally. My reasoning is… she is no different than Barber on the border. He is with Obama and she is with McCain’s amnesty program which are basically the same. Barber is for Obamacare and McSally is for Obamacare with a few tweeks. No difference. McSally was NOT endorsed by the American Gun Rights Association (Woooten was) because they said she believed too much like Barber about guns. If McSally happened to win (long shot) she would be an incumbent and hard to dislodge. She is young and could do a massive amount of damage to this country if elected. My vote will be for Barber for the above reason and also to shove it up the GOP’s a##. Hopefully in 2 years the GOP will allow the citizens to select candidates the quality of Wooten. Probably a pipe dream because they want total control of their candidates like they have over McSally.
    Good bye GOP. I’m done with the charade of thinking I could be a catalyst for change. I’m now officially an Independent. Defund the GOP nationally, state, and locally.

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