Senate needs to act to avoid divestment of A-10

a-10-warthogRetired Lt. Colonel Tom Norris appeared on the James T Harris Show on Tucson’s 104.1KQTH, to update area residents on the status of the A-10 Warthog, on Thursday. While Norris sees an opportunity to save the A-10, he told Harris’s audience that the Senate needs to act to avoid divestment at the end of the year.

“What is going on in the Senate right now is the National Defense Authorization act went through the senate appropriations committee and was overwhelmingly approved and now we are waiting on a full Senate vote…” said Norris. “Senator Reid is filling the tree or the Senate schedule with a bunch of other items other than this NDAA for fiscal 2015. With the coming holidays, coming with Thanksgiving and Christmas it could very easily push up right against the December 31st cut offs, and in my opinion if the midnight occurs on January 1st the Air Force is going to pull the trigger and start to close A-10 squadrons like you read about.”

“Harry Reid controls what goes on in the Senate. The other Senators have very little of a say and what goes on in the floor,” Norris added. Norris believes that the lack of A-10 support planes in Afghanistan is purposeful Air Force strategy and that it is hurting those who serve.

Norris said that the switch to the B1 is costing American lives, “We have 5 young men ranging in ages from 19 to 28 that are dead today because of communication and execution breakdowns during close air support. The next thing the people needs to know is that if the A-10 from the attack community were executing close air support in my opinion this mishap would have never happened. The third thing is that after reading the 2 sections of the report and each section is a little over 140 pages, if this report was briefed to the families of the fallen they do not know the truth. That is three big takeaways for me.”

With the A-10 funding stalling in the U.S. senate Norris is urging people to contact their senators and demand action on the item. If nothing proceeds the A-10 could be automatically diverted at the end of the year.

“Call Harry Reid’s office in Washington D.C. and ask him to do his job and that is to bringing the NDAA for fiscal 2015 to the floor. Let the Senators cast their vote and let’s get this approved and move on so we cannot only take out ISIL, but protect the world’s best support airplane the A-10.”

“The overwhelming support, the grassroots support that has been going to the D.C. area has been overwhelming to the point where the offices are saying, ‘stop we get it, we get that we cannot live without the A-10 please stop the people from calling.”

Retired Lt. Colonel Tom Norris is encouraging citizens to contact our representatives Senators Flake, McCain, Congressman Barber and to keep their feet to the fire. Demanding action to save the A-10 and keep our men and women better protected.


  1. they’ll have more ‘flex’ after the election…. this A-10 will be on the ground before the ‘next next election’

  2. ROTFLMAOOL !!!! Exactly as I posted then – victory declared by ‘fat head’ barber – “I SAVED THE A-10” only to have the real guts of what has to happen ‘the senate’ making this years long – which of course ‘won’t happen’ but as a face save for ‘fat head’ to tell voters.. oh I tried – its a bad joke on the citizen – a bad joke on the voter – a repeat of so many of these same ‘house is the good guy – senate is the bad guy’ stories as to make anything coming out of the white house nothing but lipstick on a pig’s ass.

  3. Dont worry the libs/d’s have us right where they want us, becoming more dependent on the government! They could care less about the A10 as barber showed when he said he was not aware of its going away when ms ayotte started the ball rolling. Mclame and his son mcflake also care less they are not making any $$ off these things and as to ms mclame/sally she is just so stupid she dont know how to ask the boss what to do. Remember he just told her to have a debate in order to look intelligent! (I know it was a political cartoon) but where there’s smoke…..

  4. People, its time to rattle McFlake and McCain’s cages again to make them aware that the voters understand that they are screwing southern Arizona. Wake Barber up one more time. What is not said in this article is that we need to write the BOS and COT clowncil to make them aware of the ramifications of the divestment of the A10. They were of no help the last time and if they are stupid enough to think that DMAFB will be repurposed with a new mission they are so full of crap they should not be in office. Sorry, they are full of crap and don’t deserve to be in office anyway. You think property taxes are high now, wait till DM loses about 2K jobs and all of the ancillary industries that supply the base. Its time to get them all off their ass and do something. If not, vote their asses out. Like that will ever happen here in the Baja.

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