AZ Senate votes against fiscal expertise in county school superintendent eligibility bill

Last week, Senate Republicans including President Andy Biggs, and representatives Don Shooter, Jeff Dial, Sylvia Allen, Steve Pierce, Debbie Lesko, Kimberly Yee, and Bob Worsley joined Democrats in passing a measure that would kill chances for meaningful fiscal reforms in public education on the county level.

Currently, a person is eligible for election as county superintendent if that person holds a standard teaching certificate in Arizona. County school superintendents are elected for four year terms at regular general elections.

Education advocates have been trying to push for a removal of the education and certification requirements in order to open the mostly administrative position up to candidates with a financial or business management background. Instead Senator David Bradley’s bill, S1125 (county school superintendent; qualifications; administrators) adds a provision that expands the eligibility requirements to include an administrative certificate issued by the State Board of Education or the Arizona Department of Education.

The measure passed the Senate on a 24-5 vote.