Bleeding heart Tempe cops should make news

TPD I Squad & "T"

With all the bad press about law enforcement these days, a story the Tempe Police Department posted on its blog would probably never makes headlines. Cops help people every day, but you rarely read about their good deeds.

If it doesn’t bleed – it doesn’t lead, but the case of bleeding heart cops should be a lead story.

From Tempe Police AZ BlogSpot:

Last week Officer Jake Schmidt and Officer Henry Schwenckert were called out to a trespassing call on the light rail platform located at 3rd St and Mill Ave which involved kids out past curfew. T, was one of those kids carrying a worn and damaged skateboard.

They drove him back to his Tempe residence and immediately recognized that T came from a significantly impoverished home.

The Officers came back to their squad to brainstorm ideas to improve T’s overall home experience, and those plans are still ongoing…but they wanted to do a little something that they could, right away. They noticed T’s skateboard was worn and damaged and missing a front end. As a squad they bought T a new skateboard and delivered it to him.

He was pretty happy and totally gracious.

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  1. Pookie. Another good example of a “bleeding heart” is all of the Un-American, Un-Patriotic people, especially our hired help TYRANT’S, that want to allow all of the CRIMINAL, ILLEGAL, ALIEN, TERRORIST, COMBATANT, INVADERS to get a free pass for VIOLATING our laws with their INVASION and RAPING (Attacking) our social programs that many of our needy citizens and legal aliens are not eligible to receive.

  2. The world still needs / demands GOOD PEOPLE.

    What can you do for someone who needs help? Forget what color, religion, sex orientation, what side if the human made line they were born.

    The world need good ppl. Join me/ us in making this a better world.

  3. Really bad miss leading title about people who care for other people.

    A bleeding heart would have been another judge ordering 10,000 more pods downtown all over the place including the streets.

  4. I do not see them as “bleeding heart’s” just good and decent people that wanted to make a child’s life a little more enjoyable. The media is always looking for stories that inflame people and especially if they can make it a RACIAL ISSUE.

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