Gosar Accuses Planned Parenthood Of “Profiting Off Death”

On Tuesday, U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar participated in a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing investigating Planned Parenthood’s Taxpayer Funding. Gosar accused the group of profitting from desth.

“The simple truth is that Planned Parenthood, masquerading as a non-profit, has strategically developed a business model to profit off the death of innocent unborn babies. The recent videos released by the Center for Medical Progress have lifted the curtain on this horrific operation and exposed it to the American public,” said Gosar in a statement released after the hearing. “With $127 million in excess revenue for 2014 alone, Planned Parenthood has become efficient in fundraising, throwing elaborate parties, funneling kickbacks and contributions to Democrats and other organizations that support their causes, and paying excessive salaries to their senior officials, all while milking taxpayers for approximately $500 million annually.

“Despite the ruthless accusations from Planned Parenthood and its accomplices claiming a ‘war on women’, the only casualties of this ‘war’ are the millions of innocent babies who have had the life crushed out of them. This abhorrent practice contradicts the American spirit of protecting innocent life and is only made worse by Planned Parenthood’s record of giving millions in campaign donations to Democrats in order to protect this cycle of death.

“There is a very simple solution to this issue: the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars that Planned Parenthood receives every year should go to the thousands of public health clinics around the country that provide important health services without performing abortions. Planned Parenthood has proven that it has more than enough revenue to cover the annual taxpayer dollars it receives. There is simply no justification for requiring American taxpayers to pay for aborting the lives of innocent babies.”

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, Planned Parenthood’s own reports show significant reductions in pre-natal services (80% decrease since 2004) and cancer screenings (57% decrease since 2006), while significantly increasing the number of abortions performed (12% increase since 2004). Planned Parenthood has brought in $765.7 million in excess revenues from 2005-2014, including $127 million in excess revenue in 2014 alone.

According to the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, “In the five years of tax returns provided to the Committee, Planned Parenthood Federation of America transferred funding from its 501(c)(3), which is restricted in the amount of lobbying it may conduct, to its 501(c)(4), which may conduct lobbying as its primary activity. This practice appears to be widespread. Planned Parenthood transferred millions each year and its affiliates likewise transferred hundreds of thousands of dollar to related 501(c)(4)s and PACs.”

Gosar reported that Planned Parenthood spent $5,109,997 on travel in 2013 – nearly $14,000 per day.

Planned Parenthood’s annual gala dinner features Hollywood celebrities and musicians. According to their own tax returns, Planned Parenthood spent $608,716 on blowouts in 2012 and 2013, according to the According to the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Planned Parenthood’s tax returns make clear, according to Gosar, that the highest paid individuals make substantial salaries, which is odd considering how reliant on taxpayer funding the organization is. Cecile Richard’s total compensation last year was $590,928. A medical Director at Planned Parenthood’s Affiliate for Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, made $459,827 for 2013. A President and CEO at Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic, made $439,107 for 2013


  1. so aric you dont think this is taking away from the real world issues? I guess that the government BUYING and selling these parts is to be ignored. Just that the real issues are not being addressed thats why bho goes golfing or to rename a mountain and not have to take on the real issues. If the organized people are to be shut down, what are you going to do with the mills that will pop up in the back rooms like they were in the early days before the procedure became legal? Many news outlets have shown tht all this taken out of context and like many organizations that are targets the targeters get a free pass and push their agenda.

    There needs to be more information and less headline grabbing by POLITICIANS trying to be elected or re-elected. You know the guys you never hear from till its election season.

    Yes abortion is a poor way to control breeding, but then where are all the folks lining up to get crack babies or those with other issues AT their own expense and not the governments? Lotsa talk, little action, yet when a woman carries to term and keeps, then she becomes a leach at the public tit. Cant have it both ways.

    • i believe you misunderstand sir, I am against PP and the selling of baby organs and stem cells. I do not believe it is a distraction of other issues you or others deem more important. As for women going to back alley abortionist, please, I believe that doctors in family clinics would do IF the woman is truly in danger of dying. If she has cancer or severe heart problems,some severe case of illness ok. But she would have to be thoroughly checked out. If a woman decides to go around this plan then she does so at her own risk, we cannot cure stupid. We cannot coddle every woman because a pregnancy is ” inconvenient”. You see for your self abortion rates have increased while other services have decreased.

      As for crack babies and a woman carrying to full term, that could be alleviated by Govt. help. Yes Govt. Here we are, bringing thousands of people in from other countries and supporting their families for so many years while our own women in trouble get nothing?
      We have no business bringing in people from Mexico, Guadamala and the like or from Syria, and our taxes are to support them? While a young woman deciding to keep her baby needs help and you see something wrong with helping her, you call that leaching??? Shame on you!

      There has to be reform and it starts with de-funding Murder Inc. aka PP, then stopping the importing of people from other nations by the thousands that LEACH off my tax money. There are a lot of issues and problems we must deal with, If Gosar has decided to pick this issue what is it to you? I also pick this issue. Whats it to you? Go pick your own issue and stand up for it before criticizing others.
      As for obama he’s going to golf his way thru the remainder of his 2nd term much as he did the first.

  2. I believe this is a worth while investigation. This org. is profiting greatly from the murder and selling of baby organs while getting tax money! This is BS, if they are making such high salaries then why do they need my hard earned money to fund them?
    For those who feel this is a distraction, look elsewhere, this murderous organization must be defunded. Really you dolts how many women are in danger of losing life every day,every month? Boy are there ever so many gullible people out there !

  3. This is turning into a VERY BIG DISTRACTION for all involved. There are many PRESSING issues that need to be dealt with which are allowed to lie idle and then all of a sudden they will be HEADLINES! Several investigations have found no wrong doing, some have pointed out that the government has participated in some of this and now its just a sideshow for clowns wanting to be in the news. IT NUST BE ELECTION season again as these guy/gals are usually INVISIBLE on mos matters.

  4. We need to get this Gosar fellow in the unemployment line. Maybe he can ask Latino Community or Democrats to employ him once we eject him from public office.

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