McCain and Election Skullduggery   

Arizonans should be aware of recent political history and be prepared for McCain skullduggery in 2016.

In the 2014 Mississippi Republican Primary, Conservative Republican Senate Candidate, Chris McDaniel defeated incumbent Republican Thad Cochran (a DC “insider” like John McCain). It was a 3-way race and McDaniel didn’t get 50%. A run-off was required. So John McCain, Karl Rove and the National Republican Senatorial Committee bought nasty, racist attack ads against Conservative McDaniel and paid black Mississippi Democrats to vote in the Republican run off. McDaniel again won Republicans, but lost the run-off as paid Democrats voted for Incumbent Republican Thad Cochran.

Rove and McCain denied defrauding Mississippi Republicans, but Federal Election Commission filings show they lied. The SpectatorBreitbartArizona Freedom Alliance and the Daily Caller both did articles about the establishment buying the Mississippi senate election for Thad Cochran.

What if McCain pays AZ Primary candidates or runs a straw man  to dilute the anti-McCain vote? Another question that deserves consideration and an answer, since when is criticizing a War Hero really unpatriotic?  Actions that need to happen include:

1) Conservatives should create/coordinate email-chains to discuss (and mostly agree) on a Republican candidate.

(2) “War Hero”?  Many of us served; some were captured or badly injured, but we’re only “heroes” to our children.

Liberals are a minority among Arizona Republicans because attachment to McCain blinds them to McCain’s attachment to Democrats Levin, Durbin, Schumer and, of course, to George Soros.

Conservatives must reject McCain. To claim a relatively unknown Conservative cannot beat McCain is a myth. Remember, conservative David Brat beat the RINO Eric Cantor’s $5.5 million in Virginia with the help of a couple of political brats. A must read book “How to bag a RINO” by Gray Delaney and Zach Werrell. Don’t forget the description of Chris McDaniel’s race that was stolen as described above  who really “won” in Mississippi, but the highly placed thieves never suffered any consequences .

In the Internet Age Arizonans must show everyone how quickly an “unknown” candidate becomes known. Remember Phone trees? Conservatives must create email lists of Conservative friends and then coordinate all their lists for 2016 Email Trees.

A lifelong Goldwater Republican, I’ve walked the precinct miles, chaired Republican Districts, attended State and National Committee meetings as a delegate and run for office. I’ve also served my country – 4 years as a Marine and 4 in a US Agency. I’ve been shot up, written books and love my country, but I’m only a hero to my dog.

William Heuisler

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William Heuisler attended Villanova University and the University of Arizona earning a BS in Criminal Justice. He enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 1958 and was recruited from Quantico in 1961 by the CIA as a demolitions Instructor for Anti-Castro "Operation Mongoose". He served in the 70s and 80s as a Tucson Police Officer, a Special Investigator for Tucson, Pima County and the Governor of Arizona. The Courtship of Al Capone is his 4th book about his Military and Law Enforcement experiences. He has written 4 books, which can be found on Amazon: Mercenary's Tale: Fighting Fidel Castro Nov 11, 2008 Casual Executions: Assassination in Arizona Mar 15, 2009 The Courtship of Al Capone Apr 3, 2018 Twilight Of Baboquivari: Death of a Vigilante Apr 13, 2015


  1. EXCELLENT!!! This is a must read for anyone who wants to fix our government! The elitists must be defeated!

  2. Howard;
    I went through the USAF Survival School and the POW training they did in 1968 – and failed. So I got interested POWs “breaking” and learned that anyone will break given enough torture or the right kind of torture. The Air Force learned that also and changed their standard from “Never tell” to “Delay as long as you can, try to delay until the information is no longer relevant” and even under those standards I probably would have failed, I went off the rail quite early. How long did McCain take to break? That is the only real question.

    BTW, about the only way I’d vote for McCain is if Hillary was running against him. But that is on his policy issues.

    Christopher Cole, TSgt, USAF, Ret

  3. all you non-hero quarterbacks are kind of funny – it’s pretty easy to point and poke – you ain’t been there or if you have you ain’t talk’n so I’ll ask – which part of what war were you in? If it’s zero… well you have the right – you can say what you want ‘still a free country’ but it’s not such a smart pathway. Yeah he got shot down, yeah all the planes blew up around his and his caught fire and he’s lucky to be alive on the deck of his aircraft carrier when ‘then things went very wrong all around him went very deadly’ – I don’t agree with the guy – I agree vets are vets and everyone did their job.. those that didn’t know who they are – it was a long time ago and today is today. Thank God I’m alive – lots of chances to not be, but then was then. Will he get my vote – sorry he won’t – yeah we were in the same war, with a few million other guys. John Kerry, the self loving secretary, who filmed himself a second time at a point of action for his ‘political record’ back in Viet Nam, now there is a dangerous man. NO HERO. I’d call John another one of us very lucky guys – God has a place and plan. Maybe there’s something else for JMc to do, but I’m hoping its not in office… I agree time to go to pasture for the old man.

  4. John McCain is no war hero. He even admitted during his Who I am speech at the 08 RNC convention that the North Vietnamese broke him with their tortures and he had collaborated with them. That’s no hero in my book that’s a traitor and had you or I did that while as a captive we would have been Court-Martialed for treason and for collaborating with the enemy. Because of who has grandfater and father were he was called a hero. I will NEVER EVER vote for him. I firmly feel he threw the 08 election in favor of Obozo

  5. I do not consider McLame to be a war hero. Just another Combat Veteran that was captured in doing his job, which he failed to do very well, as he got one of the Taxpayers Multi Million dollar war Planes blown out of the sky. He has been, and still is, Non Essential, Expendable and Does Not Matter.

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