PRI, AZGOP Enter Historic Cultural Exchange Agreement

One of the oldest, and clearly the most powerful political parties in Mexico, PRI, has entered into a cultural exchange agreement with the Arizonan Republican Party in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, last week. Tucson native, Sergio Arellano, State Director of the Republican National Committee, served as witness to the signing the historic agreement by PRI leader, Gilberto Gutiérrez Sánchez and Arizona State Chairman, Robert Graham.

The parties entered into the agreement based on their desire to strengthen the “civic and political foundations amongst its members, especially amongst the younger ones, the Republican Party in Arizona and PRI from Sonora, signed a an exchange program agreement.”

“I am pleased to have been witness to history in the making for both Arizona and Mexico, in which two political parties from different countries have come together in an attempt to educate and empower youth in order to tackle the culture of misinformation and eliminate stigmas,” said Arellano. “For far too long the Republican Party has allowed itself to be defined by the media and people with liberal mindsets. We have allowed our youth to be taken hostage by a culture of ignorance and dependency. Only by educating and empowering our youth can we help shape the direction that our country is headed in. This program offers the opportunity for nationals from another country to learn how our Republic works with the hopes that upon return to their hometowns they can empower and educate their friends, neighbors and loved ones. It also allows our youth to have the opportunity to learn and educate themselves as to the current events and the political process of our neighbors to the south. I also believe that by providing an opportunity for dialogue, via political parties that are currently in power on both sides of the border, we can effectively communicate, enhance and foment relationships for the betterment of our economies and the resulting improved health of our communities.”

Gutiérrez Sánchez and Graham “concurred that youth are the most important asset in our society hence the importance that a political culture based on tolerance, the understanding of foreign reasons and the full respect for self-determination of the nations is encouraged,” according to a statement issued by the parties.

Gutiérrez Sánchez, explained that a mutual agreement was reached to initiate a cultural and political exchange that will be expanded and refined based on how the experiences enrich this program.

Within this agreement, it is established that both “parties commit themselves to help facilitate an annual exchange program for youth under 30 years of age that will visit their states for periods of no less than 15 days.”

The exchange program will include visits with legislators from both the Sonoran Congress and Arizonan Legislature. Upon their arrival to their home state, participants will share their experiences and acquired knowledge with the members and leaders of their respective parties, as per the agreement.

“Also, each party will propose an agenda to its counterpart for the youth to participate as observers of internal and constitutional political processes,” read the statement. “Each party will also commit itself to conduct a detailed, instructional meeting with the electoral authority of their state so that the respective electoral systems are explained to the young visitors.”

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