Getting The Job Done

In 1726 Jonathan Swift wrote Gulliver’s Travels.  “Have the out of touch,” with our terrible state of Nation, Some have found comfort as residents in the island of Lilliput. Their goal is to stake DONALD TRUMP to the ground as the in Swift’s Novel. It appears that a small group today of mental midgets from the ranks of the establishment have engaged with their allies in the media are out to do their best to stop Trump.   Their “Emperor” Mitt Romney and “Crown Prince” Jeb Bush are fearful that their “Golden Apple Cart” funded by lobbyists’ is being overturned.

With $18 trillion in debt and businesses leaving the our nation its wealth has vanished.  We are overwhelmed by those in the media who “bombard” us to the mistakes Donald Trump might have made not the serious problems he said need to be addressed by our government.  An example is Trump said “We need to Temporally stop the multitude of Muslims refugees until we find out those who want to “behead or drown people” who disagree with them.    A credible solution is to have Muslim leaders bring their terrorists to justice.

It is “Fair trade” that we need to overcome the “Free Trade” manipulation by the “CURRENCY MANIPULATION” by the current system.

Democracy is not an exportable government it is a choice that must be made by the people of each nation, and we should not waste our nation’s money telling every other nation how to govern themselves. This is especially true when we must overcome our own monstrous debt.  Our fiscal money management and tax code is a joke.  We should not impose tax on the “golden goose “ of free enterprise(private sector jobs) when we devise exemptions for big corporations.  Perhaps “no tax “ on any business and a “Flat Tax” with no difference between labor and investment income.

Government services should be paid by the consumer.  Let’s get with it our nation cannot be a sugar daddy to free loading groups.  A booming economy thrives on a “Labor Shortage” that raises wages of the Americans.  The enviromental“A”list who have been blocking free enterprise.  The ‘A’ list includes: EPA, Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Freeloading groups, and other “Public Interest Groups” who need to find alternative funding including fund themselves rather than robbing investor’s capital.

Today’s Lilliputians are not giving answers to making America great again.  It is newcomers to the “Grand Old Party” who are sounding the Alarm.  Just as Swift knew how to stop the invaders and put out the fire.  Gulliver pissed on the fire and saved the kingdom.  Some complained it was improper, but it saved the Queen.  Can Trump save our nation even though some think he is improper?

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  1. I believe that Trump can with the help of Patriotic, Pro America/Americans politicians, from BOTH PARTIES, that will tell the Corporations to “kiss this”. He is right when he says that taxes that business’s have to pay, and many of the regulations that are placed on them, are part of the root causes why they are leaving and going to our foreign enemies nations, beside that they are just plain GREEDY.

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