Governor Signs “Jacob’s Law”

On Thursday, Governor Doug Ducey signed HB2442 – “Jacob’s Law” – to ensure easier, better access to behavioral health care for Arizona foster kids and families. Rep. Eddie Farnsworth’s bill was cosponsored by reps. Alston, Benally, Brophy Mcgee, Fernandez, Mach, Mccune Davis, Meyer, Otondo, Petersen, Rios, Saldate, Hobbs, Bowers, Friese, Norgaard, and Townsend.

The bill passed in unanimous votes in both chambers.

The bill establishes deadlines for a Regional Behavioral Health Authority to provide behavioral health services to foster and adoptive children.

Foster moms Anika Robinson, Susan Woodruff and Angela Teachout worked tirelessly to win support for the legislation.

Jacob is Woodruff’s 17-year-old adopted son, who has special needs and mental illness due to the 10 years of severe trauma and abuse.

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  1. My Foster Children where found to need brain follow up care; being documented many times, not one entity that had the children, ensured they received the needed care but they all received dollars for them. Thank God for watching over them.

    Thank you, Legislators and Constituents for your tireless efforts, it worked, my kid’s are living proof just recently.

  2. i have adopted 4 boys ages 16 15 8, 20 mo. the 3 older children witnessed they then 7yr sister get killed, they suffered many other horrible abuses getting them help was awful, and good help was a joke.. changing from one agency to another took 4 mo. I’m so happy. this is now LAW..

  3. This is a good thing because foster kids have so many issues beyond their control and they do need help. The only problem is that there is a waiting list a mile long for mental health care in this town and all over the country.

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