Thorpe: Hart DeVry Quarrel “Damaging” And “Undeserved”

Arizona and our residents benefit from a variety of advanced educational options from both public and private providers.

However, the quarrel over the DeVry Education Group’s board appointment of UA President Ann Weaver Hart, is both undeserved, and damaging to Arizona citizens, especially those with DeVry training and degrees.

It has been alleged that DeVry ran misleading advertisements four years ago in 2012, although there has been no ruling on the matter.

Nonetheless, a small group of Democratic legislators, activists and newspaper columnists have now called upon Hart to resign as UA president, simply because she did not acquiesce to their demands to step down from the DeVry board.

According to “Inside Higher Ed,” nearly one-third of all public college presidents serve on corporate boards.

Accusations by Democrats, who appear much more supportive of public educational institutions than private, have hurt DeVry and made it more difficult for its graduates to land jobs.

Irresponsible allegations by this small band of political elites have tarnished Arizona’s DeVry graduates, in spite of everything they have worked to accomplish.

Assistant House Democratic Minority Leader Bruce Wheeler stated that Hart’s service on the DeVry board is somehow “unethical,” however he failed to state why it’s unethical.

House Democrats even refused to meet with me and UA officials last week, which leads me to believe that even though Hart did not break any policy or rule, Democratic leaders really don’t want this issue to be resolved.

Their actions and accusations are not only short-sighted, they are also regrettable.

Bob Thorpe
Republican state representative, Flagstaff

3 Comments on "Thorpe: Hart DeVry Quarrel “Damaging” And “Undeserved”"

  1. Representative Thorpe is wrong. It is understandable that an Arizona elected official would not feel it is essential for people to do the jobs they are hired to do and not take other employment while being extraordinarily well paid to do their “real” job. If a compensation package worth about 3/4 of a million dollars is inadequate for Weaver Hart she is free to find other employment. Then UA can find a president who will be willing to work tirelessly…without outside distractions… in the interests of UA’s students.

  2. John J Jingleheimer | April 25, 2016 at 6:44 am |

    Rep. Thorpe, put down the pipe and back away from the table….slowly……
    If you don’t understand the conflict of interest, let alone the optics of this, then you are a Mo-Ron.

  3. Jo-Ann Marks | April 25, 2016 at 7:00 am |

    President Hart is the target of a witchhunt. As pointed out in the article people from the same profession serve on the boards of each other. Who else could best advise the company or institution about best practices. Arizona continues to be a backwards unsophisticated uninformed state and will never grow and attract forward thinking corporations to relo here until we rid ourselves of the political hacks who control our money and are systematically destroying any chance for its success. President Hart must be good if devry wants to pay her for her expertise on their board, a common practice on most corporate boards. Stop with the sophomoric antics and lets get some professionals to run this state.

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