What Obama Should Have Said

By Jeff Utsch

What Obama Should have said.

Over the weekend our Commander in Chief for over 7 years gave a speech at Howard University that was so revealing, so despicable, so un American, so divisive, and so full of vitriol and such a wasted opportunity to teach that a response needed to be made.

If his goal was to further divide our nation according to race – he succeeded
If his goal was to take away individual responsibility – he succeeded
If his goal was to diminish the role of personal effort in success – he succeeded
If his goal was to stifle hope and opportunity – he succeeded
If his goal was to tear down America in the eyes of his listeners – he succeeded
If his goal was to tear the bands of loyalty the audience felt towards their country – he succeeded
If his goal was to stifle the drive and dreams of those in attendance – he succeeded
If his goal were to make amends with the black community – he failed miserably

If anyone has failed to see what kind of a man we have had leading our nation, and have been asleep like Rip Van Winkle since 2008, and woken up to this latest speech, all the answers to questions as to why we are where we are would be answered. Such a shame and such a wasted opportunity for greatness.

Obama could have said something like this.

“It is great to be here among the best and brightest of a new generation of Americans ready to start the pursuit of your own happiness and your own journey of personal growth and fulfillment.

This nation has not always allowed those of our color to rise to certain levels but I am here to tell you that you can do it. I am living example of what one can accomplish through hard work, education, perseverance and of course….. good timing a little luck never hurts!

It is amazing though to realize that the harder one works the more luck one seems to find! It is not easy out there but we live in a nation that will eventually reward you for your efforts and contributions to society. There will be setbacks along the way and times you may feel unjustly treated but if you keep getting up and decide not to become the victim you will succeed. We do not live in a time free of racism altogether but look at the progress we have made. Most people will not judge you by the color of your skin but by the principles you live and the value you bring to your community and your own family one day.

In the race of life, we don’t have the time to stop and focus on those who would slow us down and impede our progress. Ignore them! That is my advice. Just ignore those fools and eventually they will go away. A life well lived and the opportunity to reach your potential, whatever that may be, is within your grasp right here and now. Understand that and reach for it! When you are raising your own children teach them the same that each and every glass ceiling that once existed will be broken.

This is all possible because we live in a nation that has always strived to the ideal. It is true that we have not always lived the ideal but that has been our aspiration and over time we have made progress to that end.

Yes, we’ve had set backs but now is the time and yours is the generation to make that ideal a reality. You are the greatest influence on your own success. You hold the future of where America heads. You can create who you want to become. You will determine your own happiness. More than at any time in the history of this nation it is you…YOU who can make a stamp and impact on the future for the better.

It is because of those who came before you that I am able to say that at this time. Never forget their sacrifice. It was not just those of our own skin color that make these opportunities happen either. Remember that as well. It is time that all Americans come together as Americans first and looked towards the ideal.

In conclusion I’ll give you one thought to ponder. Remember the doughnut tastes much better than the hole. Let’s focus on the doughnut as we move forward.

Thank you!”


  1. what he could haave said is ‘ because of my policies the dollar is near collapse that should finish off the nation that I have so tried to diminish… welcome to the new ‘globalization’

  2. America has always been the land people look to for opportunity. If you read the success stories of any entrepreneur you will know they recognize and verbalize their hard work was their “luck.” Thomas Jefferson, Estee Lauder, JK Rowling, Arnold Palmer, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Ray Kroc, off the top of my head all had something to say about how the luck of hard work played into their successes.

    It is so disappointing our President can’t focus on inspiring young kids to work to create their luck. No one is promised to be an overnight success–that’s for the movies.

    America has the highest numbers of patents and small businesses and I hope that never changes.

    Let’s hope good parents are encouraging their kids to make their own luck despite the president’s advice.

  3. I go out of my way to not watch, or read anything that he says, as I can not stand to look at him, little lone listen to him lie. The same goes for the “Lying Crooked Hitlery”.

    I ALWAYS switch channels when ever they are on as my disdain and disgust for either of them makes me want too throw-up just looking at them.

    The ONLY legacy that he has created is that he was the WORST President that our once great country has EVER had unless the “Crooked” DEMONcrat becomes president, then that designation could change.

  4. Abraham Lincoln ; “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”.

  5. The smartest man in the room proved once again just proved how much of a race baiter he really is. He hates this country and has spent 7+ years trying to make this Europe and has failed ALL races miserably. Hope and change? Yea, change for the worse. Absolutely pathetic leadership (or no leadership) from a total narcissistic ass.

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