13 Bills Vetoed by Governor Reflects His Priorities

Governor Ducey vetoed thirteeen bills ranging from an educational requirement to teach cursive in schools to rejecting changes to how people who are determined to be incompenent to stand trial and assist in their defense.

Rusty Stuart, a detective who testified for the bill on behalf of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, said incompetency proceedings are effectively a “get-out-of-jail-free card.”

Prosecutors would have been required under SB1510  to inform hospitals that the person was recently involved in criminal proceedings, and hospitals would be required to inform the court if the person wasn’t complying with treatment or was released.

Bills Vetoed By Governor (13)

Bill Number Short Title
HB2434 abandoned vehicles; towing reimbursement
HB2484 estimates; state budget; notice
HB2524 uniform firearms transfer compact
HB2568 community facilities districts; formation; governance
SB1141 legal tender; taxation; regulation
SB1156 absence of state elected officials
SB1156 NOW: state elected officials; absence; protection
SB1197 schools; cursive writing requirement
SB1268 adequate water supply requirements; municipalities
SB1367 Assyrian genocide; monument; procedures
SB1400 water banking authority; report
SB1400 NOW: county water supply provision; renewal
SB1401 trade names; trademarks; application
SB1434 information technology; consolidated purchasing
SB1443 health profession regulatory boards
SB1510 judicial productivity credits; calculation; salary
SB1510 NOW: incompetent persons; mental health evaluations

To see details of the bills open the link for the bill listed in the left column and then open (click on) the show versions link (third one down) on the legislature page.


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