Conservative Tucson Talk Radio Host Harris Swept Up In D.C. Gun Control Protest

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and James T. Harris

KQTH talker James T. Harris was in the nation’s Capitol on Wednesday for the annual Hold Their Feet To The Fire border event when he found himself in the middle of a protest by Democrats who are demanding a vote on the “No Fly – No Buy” gun control bill. Harris, a conservative said he managed to navigate through “the mostly rabid, young, and white crowd under cover of blackness.”

Daniel Hernandez, a candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives, was whipping up the crowd on behalf of his former boss Rep. Gabby Giffords. Hernandez, who was exposed earlier this month for lying about having a college degree, was joined by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Gregory Meeks, Rep. Maxine Waters, and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee among others.

Arizona Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, who is challenging Sen. John McCain issued a statement in response to the sit-in in which she offered her support. “What happened today on the House floor is a reflection of the widespread anger and frustration over congressional inaction on gun violence. I joined many of my colleagues to send a message that House leaders are failing our nation if they do not allow us to vote on closing the ‘Terror Gap’ and strengthening background checks. Most Americans support closing the Terror Gap, and so do I. People too dangerous to fly are too dangerous to buy guns – it’s just common sense, and Congress could use a big dose of it,” stated Kirkpatrick. “Instead, we are quickly approaching a prolonged summer recess, and absolutely nothing has been done. We cannot give up, and we will not accept that doing nothing is an option for keeping Americans safe.”

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called the sit-in by House Democrats “nothing more than a publicity stunt,” and noted that the bill the group wants was already defeated in the United States Senate. That bill would prevent persons listed on the “No-Fly List” from buying guns.

Me & Nancy Pelosi! I’m in love!!!! @kgun9 #demsitin

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  1. They have become an embarrassment as they try to diminish citizens rights in exchange for a promise of safety that they can’t deliver.

    And Daniel Hernandez is now lying about a college degree? Hillary U.

  2. Dont need a vote, what is needed is to ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS. The feds have refused to enforce the 20000+ laws currently on the books. Most call for MANDATORY sentences but the dems/libs are afraid of losing their voting base if that were to happen. The max is per event that a weapon is used so you can put a clown away for a long time on charges but again they wont do it. Let them sit on their asses, as that is all they have been doing anyhow. They had the congress and WHAT did they do? NOTHING, so yes this is just comedic action to try and convince all that they care. Just look at who lead this little party, they guy from DETROIT. All the wanna be’s have to get in on the act too, like the little princess from phoenix, and the clown from the princess gabby group. Matter of fact where was the princess in all this? Cant beleive they missed a photo op as big as this one. Also the feds control the cameras and microphones, yet the msm made it seem like it was the repubs! How entertaining and much lower can they go?

  3. when you read stories about unstable governments – fights in the house of government – it seems we are usually talking about placed like one of the “stans” or “kins” but now the US has crossed that line of ‘unstable government’ indeed it is where this nation has gone – divided we are, no doubt about it, never more so since the war between ourselves that was called civil. I don’t or can’t rule out that happening again – it may well have already started. One side seems bent on dumping the constitution that has kept the nation free from itself over government for hundreds of years… in the name of safety – God Bless America – God Bless Israel.

  4. Amazing! House minority members demonstrate by totally disrupting the business of the House. Why? Because House majority leaders wouldn’t let them vote on a measure that had already been voted down in the Senate. So, JT comes by, as he says “under cover of blackness,” and gets photos with dimwitted prominent Democrats who know as little about JT as they do about the non-issue they are demonstrating about! Priceless! Congrats to AZ’s very own Hernandez and Kirkpatrick!

  5. The only thing that I can say about the whole mess in DC, the house democrats look like Jr. Hi kids in the cafeteria when they don’t like the food. Pathetic spoiled brats all in the uni-party. They all need to be kicked out and we need to hold a constitutional convention and place term limits on all of their sorry asses, but that will never happen. The elite are too well entrenched in DC and don’t want to get off the gravy train.

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