Former University of Iowa Offensive Lineman Killed By Train While Jogging

On July 2, 2016 Tucson Police officers responded to the railroad tracks east of South Rita Road and East Old Vail Road reference a report of a pedestrian, 29-year-old Kyle Calloway, who was struck by a train.

Members from the Tucson Fire Department and Union Pacific Police Department were also dispatched.

Shortly after arrival, Mr. Calloway, was pronounced deceased on scene.

Tucson Police Department investigators were able to determine that Mr. Calloway, a former University of Iowa offensive lineman, was jogging westbound on and off the tracks when he was struck from behind by a westbound train.

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  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to Kyle’s family and friends. It was an absolutely terrible thing to happen and a tragic loss. Sincerely… My deepest condolences. RIP Kyle.

  3. toughteri you just showed your stupidity! Why would you make such a comment with no compassion for his family. This is a tragic accident and loss for his family. RIP Kyle. Hawkeye Nation is sad today.

  4. Rest in peace my friend, Kyle. As legend on the grid iron, you embodied the spirit of a Hawkeye Hero.

    To anyone speaking ill of Kyle or the tragic situatuon, please come voice your exact (typed) comment to my face. 24 hours a day, everyday – I promise you are welcome to do so. I also promise you that it will be the last time you speak ill of someone ever again.

  5. Toughteri, what they lack of compassion. Did you ever think what this family is going through. I just pray that nothing like this ever happens to you or your family. May the Lord have mercy on your soul for such a statement. Rest in peace Mr. Calloway. You will be missed.

  6. RIP Kyle. By the way, before you pass judgement, know the facts. No where does it say he was wearing ear buds. He could have slipped and injured himself prior to bring struck. Don’t be a dbag. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

  7. @toughteri I’m appalled by your lack of compassion. You are what’s wrong with America today. Shame on you. And not that it matters because this is a horrible loss for family and friends, but most people exercise with ear buds in listening to music. You’re an example of what I don’t want my children to grow up and be like. You’re ignorant. My deepest condolences go out to his family.

  8. Toughteri. Come to Ia city and talk your shit.
    Dare you .
    To the family I’m so sorry. Rip Kyle.

  9. This is why I will NEVER wear ear buds while jogging — RIP. And hopefully, the first to reply learns compassion and empathy before his/her family is struck with disaster

  10. Stupid ass Weakling Terri are you a frickn moron? Where you there at the incident ? You are the biggest asshole I have ever witnessed ever on something so cruel to say about someone passing away.. That’s just GARBAGE! You will pay for this comment I hope the lord forgives your soul..

  11. I’m a Die hard Hawkeyes fan and he will always be considered one of the greats ! R.I.P. Kyle .

  12. Toughteri doesn’t deserve the time you are all giving him or her. Rest in Peace Kyle Calloway. ONCE A HAWKEYE, ALWAYS A HAWKEYE! Thinking of his family, friends and teammates.

  13. I’m sure he was wearing Beats and listening to music as many of us do! Tragic accident!

  14. @toughteri Your lack of compassion and careless words are disgusting. Demetrie, so sorry for your loss. All of us in Hawkeye Nation are mourning his passing.

  15. Try to be mindful of your comments, I know that’s difficult for some. There are so few details with this tragedy, thoughts go out to family, friends and Hawk nation. RIP KYLE

  16. Please if you are going to ever be near railroad tracks do not wear earphones that will drown out the sound of the train. This is extremely tragic. I’m sure all of the Hawkeye Nation is in morning.

  17. Hawkeye Nation is crushed. Too many Hawkeyes lost this year. May our other Hawkeyes welcome you into heaven with the fight song! Prayers for your family. Heaven gained a Hawkeye- Iowa lost another legend. And to those who don’t have anything good to say, stand down, you’re facing a Hawkeye Nation and some of the best lineman in the country! It’s a battle I guarantee you will lose!

  18. I’m so sorry for this terrible accident. And to toughteri your an ass for your comment. Have some compassion for this family’s loss

  19. @toughtei Kyle was my teammate and a beloved son and friend to many. watch your mouth. RIP big homie, you will be missed.

    • Sorry Demetrie, this is truly awful. I assume he was wearing earbuds. So sorry for his family. I know what they are going through. I’ve been there under different circumstances.

    • toughteri, Your are a true representation as to how messed up our country has become, you think that because you that the right to your opinion that the rest of us need to hear it. Your Wrong we do not want to here the stupid ideas you have, the loss of a young man in such a tragic way leaves the family and friend in disbelief and in sorrow. As for me I will be praying for the family, Kyle will truly be missed.

    • You are an idiot. The guy died. Get over yourself and get a life. Like you’re perfect I’m sure.

    • you are a total asshole to say such a thing, you have no idea of the situation you dumb fuck

    • I think your lack of compassion,by saying he was stupid. Is a sign of you being the stupid, the young man died!! I don’t see a bit of sorrow, or compassion for him, or his family. Shame on you!!

    • This man was a hawkeye, a brother, a son, a friend… Thoughtless teri you need to fall on something sharp up your ass!

    • You’re an imbecile. The guy was jogging. It’s 2016. I assume he was probably listening to some tunes and didn’t hear the whistle (if there was one). Mistakes happen. Don’t be a dick.

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